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The Statement Coat

Posted by Liv Heeney Oxfam Fashion blogger

6th Aug 2014

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When Vogue said a statement coat is this summers must have item, I instantly decided I was in dire need of one.  Ideal for summer weddings and garden parties, the statement coat is a great investment for the unpredictable British summer weather.  So what makes a statement coat? For me there are two distinct elements, detail and colour, a statement coat needs to be bold.  As a lot of my summery dresses are turquoise, and being a lover of colour coordination, I decided early on I was looking for a coat in this colour for maximum wearing potential. Once I had decided on my desired colour, the hunt began.

I picked up this stunning turquoise Petite Française coat from Oxfam, don't let its fancy continental name fool you Petite Française is a British label from the mid-60s, known for their excellent tailoring. Originally my coat would probably have had a matching dress, as this is something which Petite Française is famous for. This coat is exactly the colour I was looking for and I love the embroidered flower detail on the collar. 

Being a similar cut to the coats favoured by the Queen, someone who I have always thought is a bit of an unsung fashion icon, I have come to calling this, not only my statement coat but also my 'queen coat'. 

You can find many beautiful statement coats in Oxfam Shops around the country as well as on the Oxfam Online Shop. 

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Blog post written by Liv Heeney

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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