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A Circle of Style

Posted by Anmarie Bowler Fashion blogger

29th Sep 2014

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Today, as Huntress London (me & my blog) join hands with charity shop royalty (Oxfam), I'm thinking about fashionable partnerships. I am honored and thrilled to be part of the Oxfam Fashion team. Honestly, I'm curtsying even as I write this. I can only hope that our partnership is as successful as any number of eclectic style pairings.

Recently designer Orla Kiely has linked arms with Clarks to produce some remarkable footwear. I'm hoping a pair turn up in one of the various Oxfams I shop in.  I've worn trousers by Valentino for the Gap absolutely threadbare, their patches have patches.

So I was excited to find this remarkable handbag in my local Ealing Oxfam.  A partnership dream team produced this bit of plastic fantastic.  Melissa, the contemporary shoemaker, joined with fellow Brazilians, designers Fernando and Humberto Campana to create my new circle of style.

Melissa is the famed cobbler responsible for summer trend of jelly shoes of all shapes and hues. The shoemaker has partnered with everyone from punk queen Vivienne Westwood to renowned architect Zaha Hadid, developing brogues, sky-high heels, ballet flats and more, all in molded, soft, durable plastic.

The Campanas, high-concept furniture designers from Sao Palo, patterned this Melissa + Campana bag on their iconic Favela Chair.  The word 'favela' came into our collective consciousness recently during the World Cup in Brazil. Favelas are akin to South African townships, American projects and British estates; the places where poor people live and attempt to form communities.  

What goes around comes around - and with this bag the circle is made complete. Certainly the families and children living in favelas are the needy people Oxfam projects seek to assist. Oxfam along with people who care about the world they inhabit are indeed a powerful (and frequently stylish) partnership.

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Blog post written by Anmarie Bowler

Fashion blogger

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