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DIY: Ripped Jeans

Posted by Nicole Sage Fashion blogger

3rd Nov 2014

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 A piece of clothing that is set to hit the high streets this Autumn/winter is ripped jeans! They seem to be everywhere, but the problem is the price that some of the bigger shops are charging. They seem to be adding an extra ten pounds on for just a few rips that we can easily do ourselves. All you need to do is grab yourself a pair of old jeans or a pair from the Oxfam Online Shop and you can have your own pair of DIY ripped jeans in less than 10 minutes flat, and most importantly, for free!


You will need:


  • Jeans
  • Stitch Unpicker

  • Scissors

  • Pins 

Go to the Oxfam Online Shop

Step by Step:

Step One:Whilst wearing the jeans mark up with pins where you would like the rips to be roughly. Either get someone to help you with this step or use a mirror for guidance.

Step Two: Remove the jeans and using a stitch unpicker make a small hole at the end of where you want one of the rips to be. It's important that you don't do the first cut with scissors or you might make a mistake!

Step Three: Once you're happy with the first hole, insert a sharp pair of scissors and cut to the desired length of the slit.

Step Four: Repeat this for each slit and for as many as you want, I did two rips on both legs. Finish off the slits by fraying the edges slightly with the stitch unpicker or a pin.

Step Five: You now have distressed, ripped jeans for a massive fraction of the price in the shops!



 This is one of the easiest and quickest DIY's to do and you'll save yourself a small fortune!

Don't forget to tweet us at @OxfamFashion or comment below if you have had a go at ripping up some jeans like me!

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Blog post written by Nicole Sage

Fashion blogger

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