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Back to School Fashion: The Case of the Sleeveless Cardigan

Posted by Britishette Fashion blogger

31st Oct 2014

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How exciting to write my first post for the Oxfam Fashion Blog! I am looking forward to sharing my passion for London's charity shops with you!

Just so you know, I have not bought any new clothes in more than a year.  Charity shops provide plenty of choice to experiment with new styles. Saving money and helping charities in the process: what's not to love? Not to mention that recycling used clothes is an eco-friendly way to dress. So follow me in my second hand adventure!

September and October is a big month for fashion (just look at the size of your favorite magazines…) and I love the whole "Back to school" trend. Even though it is kind of the same thing every year - which is perfect if like me you dress in charity shops. I want to address a big staple of "Back to school" fashion, the sleeveless cardigan. 

Do you know how the guy with a hat on always looks the coolest in the room? Well it is kind of the same with the sleeveless cardigan. It is not something you need (won't make you much warmer) but it just makes you stand out. Well guess what? I found many of them in charity shops. Here are three examples. 

For the record, the entire outfits are second hand, not only the cardigans…

The first one is a tie-and-dye gilet that I just throw on a white top. It's a bit hippie and takes away the nice girl look from the jeans & white combo.

The second one is a very preppy look, with tucked in striped shirt and shorts. 

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I added colorful sneakers to avoid looking too serious!
Finally, the sleeveless cardigan is a great way to update your classic LBD.

This is a long All Saints cardigan that gives a little edge to an otherwise very classic Gap dress. The LBD is a great playground for sleeveless cardigans and other accessories.

So there you go no need to run to expensive shops to get all "Back to school" ready. And if you didn't find your perfect sleeveless cardigan in your nearby charity shop, why not try the Oxfam Online Shop

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Blog post written by Britishette

Fashion blogger

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