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DIY: Halloween Costume-Circus Theme

Posted by Samantha Platt Fashion blogger

23rd Oct 2014

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Cats, witches, skeletons, zombie brides; costumes for Halloween come in all shapes and degrees of horror. There is nothing more satisfying than putting a costume together yourself, that looks the epitome of professional. Of course, that's not always the end product but at least its fun, right? 

This year I'm spending my Halloween at a huge university event featuring the awesome band Lower Than Atlantis. The theme: Deathly Circus. Options are in abundance from ringmaster to tiger to trapeze artist. But I thought, why not make things simple and put a fashionable twist on the well-known clown. 

What you will need:

  • Bright coloured shorts/skirt
  • Bright coloured t-shirt/vest/tank/shirt
  • Bow tie
  • Braces 
  • Face paint/Eyeliner
Step by Step

Step One: Route through your wardrobe or search the local shops, for some brightly coloured shorts (or a skirt) and a top (the style of your choice). I went with blood red shorts and a happy yellow basic tee. 

Step Two: Put the outfit together with braces. I chose rainbow braces, to add even more loudness to this already booming outfit. You can find these in fancy dress shops, menswear departments, and even online at Amazon or eBay etc. 

Step Three: An outrageous bow tie sets this costume off. The Oxfam Online Shop even has some to add that extra zing to your look.

Step Four: The thing that takes this costume to the next level is the finishing touches of hair and make up.Using either eyeliner or face paint, I added triangular shapes to the eyes, rosy pink blush and bright pink eyeliner Clowns are meant to be comedic (or in this case a little bit creepy) so the stranger, the better. 

Step Five: For the hair, I used my natural curl to add volume and make it bigger!

Step Six: Shoes could be flat, heeled, boots, or whatever. Just make them as funky as you can. 

And the look is complete. 

As theme of my night is 'Deathly Circus' I feel that I need to scare this look up with some fake blood but that is of course optional. 

I hope you all enjoy your Halloween, whether it's answering the door to trick-or-treaters, watching re-runs of the best thrillers, or dressing up and finding your inner scare.You could even throw in some DIY decorations or delicious spooky treats to make the night even better. 

Here are a few of my past DIY creations, along with some of my friends. 

Halloween Nail Art, 2012.

Oversized blue tshirt + oversized white tshirt = Alice In Wonderland, USA, 2013.

Happy Halloween!

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Blog post written by Samantha Platt

Fashion blogger

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