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How To Style Royal Yellow This Season

Posted by Ellen Melhuish fashion blogger

19th Nov 2014

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From Gucci to Sainsbury's, yellow tones are perfect for this season's look. If you're like me; pale in complexion and can find it quite hard to style out such an eye-catching colour, then this is the time to be bold and make sure your style cuts the mustard.
Yellow is a colour that either needs to be bold and bright - the statement of your outfit, or a subtle highlight that will pick out your skin tone and mix well with other colours. With mustard being such a strong colour it demands the centre of attention and so you just need one key piece to set your outfit off perfectly.

On the Oxfam Online Shop there are a couple of wonderful items that can be mixed up with other pieces to create the perfect Autumn/Winter look. This mustard shift dress is ideal for winter to mix with a black chunky knit cardigan, long socks and a black hat. This look is great for keeping you comfortable and cosy out and about. The shift dress first hit the high streets in the 1960's when waistlines were taken away to fit the new and empowering world for women.  It's a fun and free style of dress that allows ultimatum comfort and femininity that will always be on trend.

To contrast the bold and beautiful with the subtle and sublime, this vintage 1980's checked jacket is a great way to wrap up warm this season. The thin lines of yellow running through the check make for an easy to wear blazer. This flash of mustard creates a wide colour palette you can mix it with, such as the green and navy in the check. This would look amazing with a bottle green dress underneath and black Chelsea boots for the prefect vintage winter look.

I took to the challenge of creating the royal yellow look from items in my local Oxfam shop. Making a statement with mustard, I've pieced together this blazer with a teal and forest green check shirt that has little beige streaks running through to balance out the tones. The navy skirt and brown boots complement each other well, whilst the knee high look is great for Autumn. All of these pieces were found in my local Oxfam store and came in at just shy of £20 for the whole ensemble.


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Blog post written by Ellen Melhuish

fashion blogger

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