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Student Second Hand Fashion

Posted by Wedaeli Chibelushi Fashion blogger

1st Dec 2014

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As is the case with many students, I have come to appreciate cheap alternatives to everything; cheap food, cheap accommodation, cheap travel etc. Budgeting is brilliant for the pocket, but often it means having to give up certain luxuries (for example, nothing ever dries in our budget student home). However, with bargain second hand clothing, there is no need to sacrifice luxuries such as quality or style. I have always been an advocate of second hand clothes; a large amount of my outfits have been worn (and loved) before I purchased them, yet they remain my firm favourites. I wear them with pride, extremely smug in the knowledge that whilst endorsing social responsibility and digging up several unique gems, I've bagged an entire outfit for less than £15. 

I never have to go far to find others who are also partial to a second hand shopping spree; my housemate Zoe is an avid vintage fan and my friend Sophie, who lives down the road, often frequents charity shops. I decided that it would be interesting to write a post about the second hand clothes we have collected as students over the past couple of years, and demonstrate that second hand clothing is a viable option for everyone - student or not! So here's what we put together; why not have a look around your local Oxfam Shop or the Oxfam Online Shop for similar items?

Studies: English and American Literature                                                                                                                           Favourite aspect of second hand shopping: Getting nearly new items for next to nothing!                                                       Wears: £3 denim sundress from local Oxfam store

Studies: Media Studies
Favourite aspect of second hand shopping: Vintage, vintage, vintage!
Wears: Vintage 70's ocean patterned dress from local store (cut and tailored to fit), Vintage leather bomber jacket from local store, vintage tartan pencil skirt,

Studies: Pharmacy
Favourite aspect of second hand shopping: Collecting unique bits and pieces for DIY fashion projects
Wears: Deco scallop embellished top from local charity shop, red denim shirt from same store and denim pencil skirt from local Oxfam shop

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Blog post written by Wedaeli Chibelushi

Fashion blogger

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