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Oxfam Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Posted by Lorna Burford fashion blogger

8th Dec 2014

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There's one thing I love about the holiday season and that's giving gifts. I'm constantly thinking up my presents months in advance to make sure I have some nice ones to give to my family and friends but that to me doesn't always mean spending a lot of money. 

Giving is about putting thought into your gifts, filling them with love and knowing you are doing good at the same time. I prepare a lot of gift guides for my readers usually and I know a lot of fashion bloggers have different tastes. So, I like to mix and match gifts from the lower end of the price scale to the higher and include home made or DIY gifts too! 

So, for this Christmas, why don't you take a look at this cool gift guide that I put together for a women (could be your sister, mum, auntie or friend) and pick something from Oxfam's Online Shop

Some of these pieces are amazing, like ASOS and Marks & Spencer's dresses. Some shoes, silk scarves, adorable greetings cards and better still, if you are giving a gift to someone who loves to help others, why not give them the chocolate gift too! Take a look at my top picks from the list below. 

This vintage blue and gold scarf couldn't be more perfect for the sophisticated lady in your life! A simple knot around the neck or even tying it in a bow around the handle of a bag, there's countless ways to wear it! 

Perhaps there are some holiday parties that need attending, why not choose this velvet red dress from ASOS? A gorgeous deep v neck and the luxurious fabric make it a winner in my book!

Of course you will need some shoes to go with the red dress, so why not choose something like these classic suede heels from Autograph to complete the outfit?

Maybe you might prefer your loved one to cosy up inside on a cold night, watching the TV or reading a book? What better way to relax than with these slippers?

If you're looking to make more of a difference with your gifts this Christmas, then check out some of Oxfam's Unwrapped Gifts.

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas! 

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Blog post written by Lorna Burford

fashion blogger

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