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Check Out The Versatile Brooch, Mate

Posted by Anmarie Bowler Fashion blogger

3rd Dec 2014

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The Brooch: bauble from a by-gone era or versatile pin-tastic trinket? I'll admit I'm hard pressed to leave a lapel alone. I'm compelled to broochify all coats, jackets and blazers. But brooches, an omnipresent charity shop charmer, are capable of so much more. Stop coating your brooch traditional style and branch out.

1 Glove Love - Attach a small, striking brooch to fabric gloves for a look that transforms the little pin into a flashy ring. Your gloves will still come on and off with ease, which is handy, but teaming these two accessories creates a look that's greater than the sum of its parts.

2 If Coco Can, So Can You - Add a brooch to a string of pearls. This fashion partnership breathes new chic into both accessories. A classic addition to an after-eight holiday look. 

3 Collector's Items - Brooches around the house, collected like artwork add a decorator touch on a budget. These 'plastic fantastic' brooches are by Lea Stein, a French artist and accessory maker born in the 1930s. Her pieces are highly collectible and have a lovely future/past aura about them. Monet, Trifari, Napier, Kenneth Jay Lane, Coro, and Butler & Wilson are all collectable costume gems (and can often be found in your local charity shop). 

4 Hats Off to the Hat Pin - Once all women wore hats and would have used long, elegant hatpins to keep their toppers secure. Now more for show than safety, a wee brooch personalizes a knitted beanie.

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5 Make a Scene - This tiny clutch bag, sweet but a little serious, is transformed with two perspective-changing brooches. Be creative, paint a picture with pins.

6 Bow Tied Up - Pick up a natty silk bow tie at a local charity shop (Oxfam!), add a cameo brooch and tie it at the back of your neck for a cheeky choker.

7 A Flash in the Pan(t)s - Jazz up your jeans with a little bit of bling peeking out of a pocket - a subtle style surprise. 

Pin your stylish look to a brooch - create, imagine, repurpose - the possibilities are endless. How do you wear your 2nd-hand brooch?    

For more inspiration check out the Oxfam Online Shops, selection of brooches!

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Blog post written by Anmarie Bowler

Fashion blogger

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