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Christmas Gift Guide With Ciaran Doyle

Posted by Selina Celestine Oxfam Fashion’s PR & online content assistant

10th Dec 2014

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When buying gifts for Christmas you can never overlook the incredible variety and unique gift ideas that Oxfam can present. The nature of Oxfam's shops means there is constant stock replenishment creating a fabulously diverse selection of different goodies for you to choose from. Because of Oxfam's ever-changing nature and unpredictable array of goodies, it's very important to always get yourself into your local shop and checking the Oxfam Online Shop. Otherwise you might just miss your opportunity to buy a loved one that perfect gift at a bargain price.

Oxfam Unwrapped

Oxfam Unwrapped gifts are very clever and unique gift ideas; how they work is instead of buying someone something physical from Oxfam's shops, you might buy a gift card that funds a school to be able to provide clean water for its students on behalf of your friends and family. This feel good gift is a great way to help needy communities living in poverty as well as giving your gifts receiver that warm feeling that a real difference has been made on their behalf. This year I am going to give my younger Sister an unwrapped gift as I feel she will really appreciate the thought that has gone into it.

Gifts For Her

Buying presents for my Mum has always been a struggle as it's hard to know what sort of thing she'll like. However browsing Oxfam's online shop made it really easy. After only getting mid way through the second page of jewellery on the site this necklace immediately caught my eye. I struggle also buying gifts for my mum as I'm never really too sure on pricing, I never know whether I'm getting a fair price or completely ripped off and this leads to me spending hours checking the prices of other similar items. This wasn't a problem at all this time as I was pretty sure £4.99 is an absolute bargain. The necklace's delightful shade of brown and unique design is what first caught my attention and is the reason I think my Mum will really love this as a present this Christmas.

Gifts For Him

Festive jumpers are a must on Christmas day so this one was a really easy pick to get my Dad. This Christmas tree jumper was exactly what I was looking for; it's in very good condition and again is a huge bargain at only £7.99. I have seen similar jumpers selling for near £30 so it was really one of those bargains I had to go for. I was really happy with this find and am looking forward to Christmas day when we can add it to our ever growing collection of Christmas jumpers.

This Seconda stainless steel and gold plated watch was a really good pick I think for my older Brother. I was struggling for a while to pick the watch I wanted for my brother but in the end I went for this one purely because of its stylish colour scheme. The contrasting black and gold really drew me towards the product and with a price of only £24.99 for a watch that often sells new for around £50-60 is very good value for money. Especially for a watch from such an established and quality watchmakers brand.

Oxfam's mixed bag and constant supply of various donated goods means that there is always a chance that you will find exactly what you're looking for. Or there is always the chance you something completely different that will catch you eye and you'll just have to have it. You really never know what you're going to find when you check Oxfam's high street and online shop, and with such fair and at times even bargain prices it's a great place to buy some Christmas gifts and help a good cause at the same time.

Thank you to Ciaran for writing this blog post! Don't forget to check out your local Oxfam shop or the Oxfam Online Shop for some different gift this Christmas!

Go to the Oxfam Online Shop

Blog post written by Selina Celestine

Oxfam Fashion’s PR & online content assistant

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