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Get The Look: Nineties

Posted by Wedaeli Chibelushi Fashion blogger

15th Jan 2015

For better or for worse, remnants of the nineties are resurfacing in today's popular culture. House music and (sigh) boy bands are top of the agenda, but the most visible feature of 'the last great decade'  in today's society is nineties fashion. Scrunchies and crop tops are becoming as commonplace as they were twenty years ago, and we look to yesterday's fashion icons for all things bright, baggy and flannelly.

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With nineties items in high supply; the outfits of Kate Moss, Gwen Stefani and Naomi Campbell 20 years ago can easily be replicated. What better way to adopt nineties effortless cool than with a browse through second hand shops to find sustainable, quirky pieces? Here are two outfits put together from Oxfam's Online Shop to help you relive the great decade.

The nineties marked the 'Return of Colour', and Oxfam's £8.99 patchwork waistcoat revives this. It's sequins add to its youthfulness and would look great layered over a t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt or dress. Brand new burgundy and pink sunglasses achieve the same effect and offset the grown-up, high cut £9.99 denim shorts.

'Going grunge' was extremely popular in the nineties - you gave the impression that you rummaged through the bottom of your wardrobe and sloppily threw an outfit together, yet still managed to look amazing. A murky oversized bomber jacket murmurs nonchalance - an aura can be mirrored with a brand new £19.99 Reportage Faux Leather Jacket.

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To complete the look it can be paired with this £6.99 Mink Pink mini skirt, or a £29.99 Noa Noa A-line skirt, depending on your budget (or which Leon scene you're going for!). Last but definitely not least, you can channel nineties grunge resilience through these Whistles Chelsea boots, which would ordinarily be around £150, but are a steal here at £65.

Oxfam's  Online Shop is a great place to start and do experiment with the many wonderful charity and vintage shops out there to get the timeless look! Happy shopping!

Blog post written by Wedaeli Chibelushi

Fashion blogger

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