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Decoupage Comic Shoes

Posted by Wedaeli Chibelushi Fashion blogger

27th Feb 2015

DIY Superhero Shoes

My friend Sophie is a DIY superhero. To withhold her amazing creations from you guys would be serious villainy. Her gift to you, via my superhuman writing skills, are these kick-ass comic book decoupage heels. So, fabricate a tragic back story, locate your arch enemy and get 'DIYing' like Iron Man.

Here's your step by step guide to assembling these footwear Marvels.

You will need:

    - Old/cheap shoes. Keep it simple - no frills, like the Hulk.

    - Scissors

    - A comic book that you don't mind sacrificing

    - PVA glue

    - Water

    - Paintbrush

    - Patience


    1- Cut your chosen comic book up into small pieces.

    2- Mix PVA glue with a bit of water until it has a milky consistency.

    3- Brush glue onto an area of the shoe. Place the comic book image onto the shoe, then paint glue over it to keep it in place.

    4- Repeat until both shoes are covered.

    5- Cut off any annoying flyaway bits of comic.

    6- If necessary, paint glue all over the shoes to seal it off completely.

    7- Leave to dry.

And there you have it, DIY Superhero Shoes. What's not to love! 

Decoupage Comic Shoes


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Blog post written by Wedaeli Chibelushi

Fashion blogger

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