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J is for Jumpers

Posted by Sarah Ackland Fashion blogger

2nd Mar 2015

Charity shops are a great place to find jumpers that will warm you up for the chilly start of the year. I've collected many over the years and I wanted to share some with you…


From left- A classic home knitted purple jumper, handmade and second-hand. Jumpers like these last for years because they're hand knitted. It's worth looking out for these; check out the hems to see if it's hand knitted or not! The cream jumper is probably my favourite; it has bobbles all over and is super cosy- again another home knit. Next is a dog-tooth jumper, it's really versatile as it can be a blazer or cardi and it has shoulder pads to add more structure to a soft cardi. Finally this patterned jumper was an impulse buy of mine, but one I am pleased with!


This cream jumper is best for the really cold days as it is 100% wool- what a find! Its neutral colour means you can match it with lots of other accessories and coats. 


This retro 80's jumper has beading on making it a little more unique. Some might find it a bit much, but these sorts of jumpers are easy to find in your local Oxfam, and certainly brighten up your outfit.

Oxfam shops everywhere are stocking some of the best knitwear I have seen, and this is where a lot of the home knitted items end up. So, if you can't motivate your granny to knit you one, head down to your local Oxfam today and you will not be disappointed.

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Blog post written by Sarah Ackland

Fashion blogger

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