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Flare is back

Posted by Britishette Fashion blogger

17th Mar 2015

Flare is back? Flare never left!

So, I like to follow what's going on at New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week! With social media, I feel like I'm attending every show, not to mention being updated on street style, which is great at providing us with up-and-coming trends. One of the trends that I keep reading and re-reading about is Flare: "Flare is back", "Flare is the next thing", "Flare is our summer must-have". From the podiums and magazines to the street, it's all about how Skinny is out and Flare is in.

I want to encourage you not to run into the next high street shop to get your "newly in" flare, because really, the charity shops are full of Flare options! And some pretty ones too!

To make my case, I am presenting you these stunning Flares by Joseph. Flared enough, right?

I found these in a charity shop last year, and I promise you they fulfill all the current trends, as well as being amazing quality! Now I am on trend for less than £10, and I bet you I can still wear them the next time Flares are back (and the time after that).

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Blog post written by Britishette

Fashion blogger

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