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Shoes to DIY for

Posted by Wedaeli Chibelushi Fashion blogger

2nd Apr 2015

I'm extremely impulsive. Whilst recently looking online for textbooks, I bought a bow tie that I will never wear. Such is my spontaneous nature. Thus, when I spotted a passer-by's bewitching gold brogues, I hopped online straightaway. To my dismay, gold brogues are apparently a rare species, and when they eventually surface they are of the £480 Designer variety. Luckily, my impulsivity knows some bounds. I closed the tab.  Always the trooper, I set about making my own, with materials ordered online, without the designer price tag. Here's how I did it.

You Will Need:

-A pair of old brogues (cleaned). If you don't have any, check Oxfam's online shop!

-Gold spray paint

-Clear gloss varnish


-Washing up gloves

How To:

-Place your shoes on some newspaper. Or, if like myself you've gone all digital, grab some bin bags

-Remove the laces

-Cover the outsole and heel of each shoe with sellotape

-Go crazy! Spray the whole shoe, including the tongue, with the spray-paint

-Leave to dry in a well-ventilated area for a couple of hours

-Once dry, replace the laces

There you have it, a pair of gold brogues à la Ellie Goulding, Jessie J and that that passer-by. Maybe impulsivity isn't all bad. 

Take a look at the great range of shoes on Oxfam's Online shop, or explore your local Oxfam Shop and see what you can find. 

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Blog post written by Wedaeli Chibelushi

Fashion blogger

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