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Get in shape in style

Posted by Britishette Fashion blogger

16th Apr 2015

Summer is coming! This is very exciting, and not just because of all the great outfits we can now officially look at! It's also a good moment to get back to the gym. Nothing motivates me like the sun shinning to go for a run. Actually, one thing does: a fabulous gym outfit!

Sportswear has become fascinating lately. My gym in Shoreditch is full of women with inspiring outfits. Some brands take the clothes to a whole new level of both style and comfort. And the good news is: these clothes are also in the charity shops!

So, I want to show you a few gym outfits that are entirely second hand, yes even the shoes! I found all my favorite sports brands for a fraction of their original price!

From Lululemon to Sweaty Betty to Nike, the hottest tops are there! And when it's not sports brands, I can make a great gym outfit with second hand shorts from Zara or a Tee from Topshop.

So here is the bad news ladies: NO MORE EXCUSES! Get your perfect outfit to hit the gym! If anything, it's a new excuse to go shopping in your nearest charity shop!

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Blog post written by Britishette

Fashion blogger

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