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The Oversized Plaid Shirt

Posted by Samantha Platt Fashion blogger

13th Apr 2015

Plaid, check, tartan or flannel, the oversized shirt is the best way to transform an outfit in all weathers (and it's so easy!).

Charity shops are full of oversized shirts with a range of prices and styles to suit you. I picked mine up in a thrift shop in America for $3! Bargains are there to be found and this is a wardrobe staple piece.

If you want a casual look that remains bold and strong, pair your shirt with jeans, a plain white tee and some heeled boots for height. Or you can even wear it over a band tee and a skater skirt to change this look up a little.

If it's warm where you are (or where you're going) then a cute summer dress goes great with the oversized shirt. Tying the shirt round your waist and pairing it with some converse can achieve this super easy look. This outfit is simple and low maintenance but still looks great. Nothing is stopping you from adding a few accessories, such as a long necklace or a beach hat.

Ripped jeans are back (especially white ones) and the oversized shirt is so versatile it can bring this outfit to life. You can play around with colours depending on your shirt, t-shirts, and shoes. The options are endless.

I hope these ideas give you inspiration to transform your own outfits using the basic oversized shirt, along with how to transfer those winter pieces for use in summer. 

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Fashion blogger

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