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DIY Ombre Nails

Posted by Ella Martin Fashion blogger

23rd Jun 2015

Why not try this bright and colourful Ombre Nail DIY to bring a bit of summer to your nails?

1. For this DIY you will need two nail varnishes of your choice, a makeup sponge and a cotton bud.

2. Start off with neatly filed nails.

3. Add a base layer of your first polish - it's best to choose the lightest colour of the two varnishes you're using.  Here I used a couple of coats to get a nice solid base. Make sure it's completely set and dry before you continue.

4. On your make up sponge put a blob of each colour varnish next to each other.  It's best to not put too much varnish on your sponge as it'll just slide around and not 'stick' to your nail.

5. Use the cotton bud to blend the two shades together.

6. Now simply stamp your make up sponge over your nail varnish base.  Place an even pressure over your nail but not too hard. As you can see the first print wasn't very strong as my 'darker' nail polish was more opaque than I thought, but that's okay - just wait for your first layer to dry and repeat the blending and stamping process to build up a stronger colour.

7. Repeat this process on all of your nails.  Yes, you will have nail varnish all over your fingers…

8. Use a small amount of nail varnish remover on a cotton bud to remove the excess varnish from around your nails and you're done.  You can seal your beautiful ombre manicure in with a top coat for extra protection if you want.

What are your favourite colours to blend together? The possibilities are endless...

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Blog post written by Ella Martin

Fashion blogger

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