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Check Shirt DIY

28th Sep 2015

 By Paloma in Disguise

I picked up this oversized check shirt many years ago in my local Oxfam and have definitely got my money's worth - from wearing it with cut-off Levi's to using it as a cover-up for burnt shoulders on holiday, this shirt is as versatile as they come.


After looking into my wardrobe for a little revamping inspiration recently, I noticed that I hadn't worn this shirt for a while. So I picked it out and got DIY-ing:

1. I started by cutting the sleeves off. I then used an un-picker to take out threads in order to get a frayed effect.

 I also cut a little of the length of the shirt, and again, unpicked threads to fray.


 2. After I was happy with the amount of fraying, I used the fabric from the sleeves to cut a square patch on the diagonal in order to create a contrasting pocket for the shirt. I cut a square 15cm by 15cm.

3. Then I folded over one edge of the square patch that was going to be the top of the pocket and stitched a hem in order to neaten the edge.


4. Finally I folded over the edges of the remaining three edges and pinned them into position on my shirt. I stitched the three edges onto the shirt leaving the top edge open to be used as a pocket.


It took me less than 30 minutes to cut, fray and stitch my recently unworn shirt and turn it into something that I'm now going to throw on over dresses, t-shirts and jumpers as we head into Winter and fashion becomes all about layering.


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