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The Best of BoomTown

22nd Sep 2015

By Amy Taylor, Social Media Intern

This year was the first time the Oxfam Festival Shop traded at BoomTown Fair; a weird and wonderful festival situated in a large natural, amphitheatre bowl in the scenic Hampshire countryside.

The festival season always brings neon paint, glitter and lots of clashing prints mixed in with the fashion stylistas, but BoomTown took this to a whole new level. The festival is split into seven districts; each themed and given a background to aid in the historic tale. From the futuristic Dstrk 5 to the vibrant colours of Barrio Loco, punters here welcome the themes and their crazy exhibitions with open arms. This made our festival prep one of a different kind - clothes were sorted based on their unique or crazy patterns, sparkle and sequins, strange fabrics, and the pure wackiness of the garment. Well, who doesn't need cow print jeans?


We were on full style spotting alert for those who embraced the festival spirit, with many coming to the Oxfam Shop for hand-selected pieces to add to their outfits. From mermaids to glitter queens, cops to robbers we saw it all, and with the shop being located at the top of the hill in the Mayfair district, we saw a great amount of footfall - not to mention those crazy views of the sun setting over The Palace at night.

Here's a few we thought were the best-dressed:

Hats galore for the girls above! All four found the perfect hat accessory from our bottomless tub at the shop and are looking fabulous in their different styles. The gentleman bought his pinstripe trousers from the shop after a bit of personal shopping help from our volunteers. We thought he looked great with his printed waistcoat - suited and booted for some Mayfair dancing! The bottom left pictures a customer who bought the black tutu from us stating that 'it complements the mermaid hair' and we couldn't agree more. Her flower headband adds even more colour and is a staple amongst any festival-goers bag - simple but stylish.

I'm pretty sure these two must've won best dressed over the weekend! Hannah on the left regularly visited our shop and couldn't resist buying the pink, fluffy coat. She had all the sparkle going on with a sequin top and printed legging underneath. The customer on the right hand-crafted his outfit with the pom-poms on his fascinator being individually stitched on - the BoomTown crowd are very dedicated to their unique styles and we love that!

Matching dungarees were sold to these happy chappies - we're thinking 90's fashion meets futuristic designs.

Lady Fitsloan, official owner of the Mayfair district was caught purchasing this lovely maroon coat from us - perfect to keep warm but still keep in character. We love the pearls and fascinator for a truly royal look!

This stylista couldn't have looked better in her turtle-neck jumpsuit with unique monochrome print - great find from the Oxfam Shop. The bumbag makes a simple accessory statement and is perfect for all the dancing she'll be doing - and we love the glitter heart of course!

Although we were only a small team, we certainly managed to make the most of the festival; seeing the parades, the art installations, the costumes and not to mention the music - everyone from the crew to the festival-goers were so enthusiastic about the growing BoomTown Fair. The shop made a total of £11,300 which is amazing to say it was our first time trading there. We had a lot of positive feedback from our customers and many who visited each day to check out our new stock. Great vibes all round, so we'll definitely be seeing you again next year BoomTown!


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