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Winter Layering Tips from a Stylist

Posted by Stephanie Roper Fashion blogger

2nd Nov 2015

Fancy a lesson in winter layering?  When I worked for H&M and was training to be a stylist the most important lesson I learnt was any successful outfit has a mixture of colour, pattern and texture. I love a textural clash and building outwards the layers of this outfit are silk, black wool and camel wool with a tartan texture on top, plus leather and denim.


First layer; an off white silk Miu Miu top which cost me a couple of quid from a charity shop in Brighouse. It had a huge stain down the back so I tackled it with stain remover and hey-presto! Stain gone, wicked awesome top in my wardrobe. Many people think of silk as a night-time fabric but it can really make an outfit in the day. It's quite a delicate fabric so when you pair it with a denser fabric (like wool) you can really make each piece sing.

Second layer: a 1980's double breasted blazer made from wool - super warm and stylish left undone. Don't be put off by a double breasted blazer - over skinnies and with boots they make a welcome change from a boring 1 button blazer which always reminds me of work suits…

Third layer: my camel coat purchased for the princely sum of £14.99 from the Oxfam charity shop in Manchester town centre. I had it re-lined prior to the winter season kicking in which cost £80 but considering my initial outlay for the coat, and the fact the re-lining came with a dry clean, I was more than happy to pay for it.  The coat it a size 16 so I've rolled the cuffs back to make it fit and to show off the wool blazer sleeves beneath. There is also a lovely textural clash here of the silk lining against the wool.


Complete the look with a tartan scarf nonchalantly thrown around your neck. The Oxfam Online Shop has bundles of beautiful cashmere ones available. 

 Have fun layering this season - remember in winter, it's what's on the outside that counts!

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Blog post written by Stephanie Roper

Fashion blogger

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