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D.I.Y Snowman Jumper

Posted by Cassiefairy Oxfam Fashion blogger

25th Nov 2015

Take one plain pullover and make it into a Christmas jumper for less than £5. As soon as I found this baby blue jumper I was inspired to create a snowy scene and I popped out to pick up some supplies for my Winter sewing project. You can pick up a jumper to upcycle in your local Oxfam shop or in the Oxfam Online Shop, and you could even make a Christmas jumper for each member of your family, so search in the menswear and children's sections too.


I started shopping for embellishments at Hobbycraft, where I picked up a pack of 25 pom poms for £1 and a 50g ball of white acrylic yarn from the basics range, also £1. I cut my snowman shape from a £1 fleece snow blanket. I headed to the local carboot sale and picked up a set of vintage buttons for 40p and some curtain fabric samples for 50p - again these are haberdashery items that you can probably pick up from your local charity shop. Here's how I put my snowman design together and a step-by-step guide on how to create it for yourself this Winter:

 1. Cut a large circle and a small circle from the white fleece to create the head and body of the snowman. Also cut a triangle 'carrot nose' from a piece of orange fabric and choose a woven fabric to cut out a scarf curved shape. Cut a longer rectangle piece of the woven fabric for the tail of the scarf and cut some fringing into the end.


2. Sew the head to the body of the snowman before stitching on the scarf and carrot nose. Use black thread to sew a curve for the snowman's smile and attach a couple of black buttons for his eyes, and a line of buttons down the body.


3. Use white thread to attach the snowman to the front of the jumper and blanket stitch around the edges to keep it looking neat.


4. Lastly I stitched on some snowflake embellishments, using wool to create a starburst snowflake shape and I finished this off with a pom-pom in the centre and a few more pom-poms dotted about the jumper.


And here is my finished snowman Christmas jumper. I know I'll be wearing it all winter long because I've barely taken it off since I finished making it this weekend! I hope you will have a go at making it for yourself this Christmas and please tweet @OxfamFashion with photos of your festive creations!


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Blog post written by Cassiefairy

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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