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DIY Christmas Skirt

Posted by Hannah Elliman fashion blogger

8th Dec 2015

November turned to December without me even realising. The temperature dropped and the mince pies edged their way onto the supermarket shelves. In light of all these changes I was reminded to look into my wardrobe to see if I was Christmas-party ready. Turns out I wasn't so I wrapped up in 17 layers and headed out to my local fabric shop to pick up some sparkly fabric. I marched home and dug out the ol' sewing machine to stitch together an easy-to-make shimmery skirt.



- Sparkly, Christmas-appropriate fabric* (I chose a light net with a little shimmer)

- Lining* (I picked up a shiny silver colour to match the sparkly fabric)

- Thread

- Elastic - that sits round waist comfortably but also stretches over widest part of hips.

- Scissors

- Sewing Machine

- Scalloped Edged Scissors (I picked mine up from Amazon)


*The width of the fabric needs to be 1.5 times your widest hip measurement. The length of your fabric needs to be our desired skirt length plus 6cm.



  1. Cut both the top layer and lining of the fabric so the width is 1.5 times the measurement round your widest hip point. The length needs to be cut to length you would like your skirt plus 6cm.

2. Lay the lining and top-layer together and stitch across the top width of the fabric. After stitching cut the top edges with scalloped edge scissors to stop fraying.

 3. Fold the top-layer over the top width stitched in the previous step so that the top-layer sits on the other side of the lining. This is to neaten the top edge of the layers.

4. Place the elastic towards the top edge of your layers. Fold the top edge of your layers over the elastic and pin. Move your elastic along as you go and be careful not to pin your elastic to your layers. Once all pinned, remove elastic and edge-stich channel along the top edge.

5. Attach a safety pin to the end of your elastic and feed through the channel created in the previous step.

6. Once the elastic has been fed through the entire length of the channel stitch both ends of the elastic to the ends of the channel to secure.

7. Stitch the to ends of the fabric layers together so you end up with a tube with the elastic at the top.

8. I then used my scalloped edge scissors to cut the bottom of the skirt but an alternative finish would be to hem both layers of the skirt separately. This depends on what kind of look you would like.

There you have it. A skirt so easy to make you could be ready for the Christmas party in less than an afternoon so grab yourself a cup 'a' tea, turn the radio up and get stitching. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

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Blog post written by Hannah Elliman

fashion blogger

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