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DIY Christmas Crackers

11th Dec 2015

For too long we've been buying off the shelf, ready-made crackers. How often have we thrown away the toys without a second thought?!

Well, here's where Oxfam have had a stroke of inspiration with "Make Your Own Crackers". Instead of table presents, we have the option to fill our crackers with something personal and treasured!

Using an Oxfam stocked worry doll as my little gift, I had a go at making the crackers up - hats and jokes provided!

Put the slots together along the edges, and tie up one end with the string provided.

Pop your present, hat and joke into the open side and tie it up! Et voila!

I had a tour of the local charity shops to see what I could come up with by way of cracker present fillings, so here's some miniature gift inspiration:

A beautiful pair of earrings, a mini necklace pendant, a butterfly broach and some novelty Christmas earrings altogether came to less than £10.

Alternatively, a little photo frame, pens, mini cards or a little teddy could all squeeze into these personalised crackers.

 Lastly, some nail varnish, a small scent or fragrance, a lovely hair accessory and even a bottle stopper!

The sky is the limit with this fantastic idea, so have a tour of the charity shops and see what you can find. If you find anything in Oxfam, make sure you tweet us #foundinoxfam.

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