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DIY Jumper Neckline

Posted by Rose Jollands fashion blogger

7th Jan 2016

Here at the Oxfam Shop in New St Huddersfield, we're customising unsold clothes for resale and would like to share some ideas…we've called it "up-cycling straight from the laundry basket".

This kind of hand sewing project could be cost free, no special kit is required, just a needle, thread and scissors.

Here's some garments that might work together; a sweater and a fairly well washed shirt.

1. Shirt fabric cut into strips about 3cm wide. Cutting it diagonally will help it go round a curved edge.

2. Arrange it on the jumper till it looks about right.


3. Stitch in place along middle of strip; hand sewing is quick and can be neat or not… its also easier to unpick and replace with a new design next week!

4. Turning the fabric around the V-neck.

5. Around the back neck and overlap the strip a little.

6. Stitch over the edges


 Here's the completed neckline, more strips could be added to the cuffs or hemline just as you like.

Maybe on a scarf too….

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Blog post written by Rose Jollands

fashion blogger

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