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Three Ways To Style A Second Hand Shirt

Posted by Wedaeli Chibelushi Fashion blogger

22nd Jan 2016

My most recent Oxfam buy is a fab, red-white patterned shirt. I can't quite make out what the pattern is; could be needles, could be teardrops, could be tiny fish. My guess is as good as yours.


Despite its quirky pattern, this £3 silky shirt is highly versatile. So far I've managed to fashion 3 outfits from it, and I'm sure the possibilities are endless.

Paired with blue skinnies, this shirt is apt for the bemusing dress code that is smart-casual. I opted for some Chelsea boots in the footwear department. My look isn't gospel though; ankle boots or pumps would look great too.

 This second outfit yells summer shopping trip, but doubles as night-at-the-bar get up.  Any black, blue or brown a-line skirt will match well, I was lucky; I snagged this one at a clothes swap. Heeled boots keep it glam, a mini satchel keeps it practical.

It's easy to make a second hand shirt look casual. Don a pair of high-waisted mom jeans, roll up your sleeves, undo a button, and there you go. It's that "oh, this? It's just something I had lying around…" look. I'm wearing it with boot heels, but slip on trainers, sandles, or pumps would work well too.

 Why not forage through your local Oxfam and bag a versatile shirt? Plain or patterned, shirts are abundant in charity shops. They're the purchase that keeps on giving - shirts are great for several occasions!

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Blog post written by Wedaeli Chibelushi

Fashion blogger

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