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SS16 Update: The New White Shirt

Posted by The Green Scene fashion blogger

25th Jan 2016

The classic white shirt has always been a key part of any wardrobe - dressed up with smart jeans and heels, worn casually oversized, or channelling a retro feel tied at the waist and teamed with shorts or a pencil skirt.

For the coming Spring/Summer season, however, we're seeing the white shirt take centre stage, reinvented in new and innovative ways by brands, bloggers and street style stars. The great thing about this trend? You don't have to spend a fortune - 'shop your wardrobe' and DIY your own unique updates, or read on for our favourites from Oxfam's online shop.

1. Party in the back

DIY by A Pair and A Spare and street style from The Style HQ

This is a trend that's been all over street style Instagram feeds and is now starting to be picked up by DIY bloggers everywhere. Oversized shirts work well reversed and tied in a loop at the back, or for a more tailored look, cut a slit up the back of your shirt, fold the raw edges over and iron flat before hemming with a needle and thread.

2. Get creative with your collar

Examples from Miss Patina, Asos and Etsy

Shirt collars have become statement pieces in their own right over the last few years, but for SS16 they've had a personalised update. Show your artistic side through a cat design or scalloped edge (hem it with tiny stitches), or create your own mini masterpiece like the example on the right with a permanent marker and fabric paints.

3. Play with proportions

Cropped looks from Nasty Gal and street style from Pinterest

Jersey crop tops were everywhere in SS15, and now the trend has spread to more tailored pieces, teamed with smart trousers or a circle skirt. This is one of the simplest DIYs to update a shirt you already own: measure how short you want it to be, lie it flat on the floor and mark with pins before cutting around in a straight line. Fold the raw edge over, iron flat and then hem with a needle and thread.

Get the look:

Check out Oxfam's selection of classic white shirts, including our favourites below, or mix up your look with different colours and prints.

1. Best of British - this M&S shirt (£12) is the perfect blank canvas for all your DIY ideas.


2. This Alexander McQueen shirt (£55) is not only by an amazing brand, but also ticks off another trend for SS16 - the 'cold shoulder'.


 3. A classic shirt by a classic designer - own this Ralph Lauren piece for only £19.99!

This blog is the first to be written by Beth Greenaway, a new Oxfam Fashion blogger. Beth also writes for THE GREEN SCENE, part of a wider #slowfashion movement which promotes sustainable values and shows that you can still look stylish doing it!

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