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DIY Scrunchie

Posted by Ella Martin Fashion blogger

15th Feb 2016

DIY Scrunchie Tutorial

The 90s are back in and as someone who grew up in them this is super exciting!

So why not make this classic 90s icon, the hair scrunchie. They're quick to make and you only need a few bits and pieces to get started. I recommend these as a great first project for any budding DIYer and they can even by hand sewn if you don't have access to a sewing machine.

You will need:                                                                                      

Fabric (a rectangle around 10cm by 40cm)

18cm length of about 1cm wide elastic

Some pins

Some thread

Safety pin (additional extra to make things easier)






Fold your fabric in half lengthwise with the pattern sides together - this is called right sides together.


Pin along the long open edge, starting 10cm from the top and stopping 10cm from the bottom.


Sew along this opening about 1.5cm in from the edge, remembering to leave 10cm at the top and bottom.



You should now have a tube. Turn this the right side out.


Now pin the two short ends (the width) with the right sides together.


Sew across the entire length of this.



Thread your elastic through the tube. It can help to attach a safety pin or hair pin to the end of the elastic so it gives you something to push through.


When your elastic is all the way through sew the two ends of it together (this can be hard if you're hand sewing so you can just tie it together if you need to).


Finally hand sew the opening together for a professional finish.



Now wear your scrunchie with pride in a ponytail, around a bun or just on your wrist like I used to in the 90s.


Scrunchies are quick and easy to make so you could whip together a few different ones to match your outfits. Why not sew some beads onto them or use fabric glue to attach some sparkles? The possibilities are endless!

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Blog post written by Ella Martin

Fashion blogger

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