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Perfectly Pink Oxfam Shirt

Posted by Hannah Elliman fashion blogger

14th Feb 2016

Inspired by Valentine's Day, I decided to get a little in the spirit by DIY-ing a perfectly pink shirt I found in my local Oxfam. Inspired by a J Brand X Simone Rocha collection a few years back which was full of colour, frill and a whole lotta loveliness, I set about turning my fairly simple pink shirt into something a little more playful and fun.


-          Shirt (at least 6cm longer than your usual length shirt

-          Thread matching shirt colour

-          Thread not matching colour of shirt

-          Sewing Machine

-          Scalloped Edged Pinking Shears


The frill eventually sewn on as decoration is made from the fabric cut off the length of the shirt. Try on your shirt and mark a length long enough so the hem of the shirt sits where you like but also so that the excess cut off is wide enough for double the width of the decoration.

I cut approximately 6cm off the bottom of my shirt.

Once you have cut the excess off the bottom of the shirt, half the width of the strip by cutting in half lengthways (so I ended up with 2 long strips of 3cm wide). This is to ensure that, when gathered, the frill is long enough to go all around your shirt.

Hem one edge of the frill with a very small hem. Use your pinking shears to cut the other raw edge of the strips.

Stitch the two strips together so that you have one long strip.

Hem the bottom edge of the shirt

Run a gathering stitch (with a contrasting thread) all along the hemmed edge of the long strip created in Step 2. I used the longest stitch on my sewing machine and left both ends of the thread loose. Once I had stitched all along the top I began to pull the loose threads. This gathers the frill.

It is sometimes easier to do the gathering stitch in two sections so if you are having trouble gathering the whole strip with one long gathering stitch, try gathering half the strip, then gather the second half separately.

Measure around your shirt where you would like the frill to sit and gather to this length.

Pin and stitch your frill onto the shirt. Once the frill has been stitched down, carefully unpick the contrasting coloured gathered stitch.

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Blog post written by Hannah Elliman

fashion blogger

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