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Styling Tips for the Season Change

Posted by Lorna Burford fashion blogger

18th Feb 2016

As the seasons are changing soon and we are approaching lovely spring, the start to our warm weather, it's time to change your wardrobe around and make it spring ready! Put away those warm wooly knits and heavy coats, store your boots and scarves in a safe place and bring out the shirts, light knits and warmer weather clothes. If the concept of reviving your wardrobe is a little bit scary for you, I have some tips on how to make a start below!  

One thing I love to do myself so I know where I am with my clothing is rotate the seasonal pieces. When it comes to autumn, I put away my summer clothes and bring out the warmer pieces, but now spring will soon be here, it's time to put your colder month clothing into storage or at the back of your wardrobe and make sure your spring items are easily accessible. This is something that many fashion lovers who own a lot of clothes do, so you aren't distracted by half of your wardrobe that you can't wear. It makes sense to hide it from view and give yourself more space.  

Lighter Colour Palette

The one thing that spring oozes is a lighter and softer colour palette. You want to think about making sure you have shades of rose, lilac, peach, mint green, lemon and lots of white, keeping it fresh and airy, perfect for the spring weather. Nothing says it's spring like pastel tones and you definitely can't go wrong with them. Muted cardigans with a hint of colour work harmoniously over a summer dress or even with jeans.  

Get Your Florals On

What else says it's spring? Florals of course! It's the time of the year where the daffodils are blooming and the blossom is forming on the trees, so it's the perfect time to break out your floral print. Make sure you have a garden party inspired dress with a pretty floral print or a skirt in something similar, but even a light daisy print shirt can work perfectly. The combination of pastels mixed with florals is gorgeous too, it's the ultimate combination.  

Display Your Accessories 

During the colder months we often tend to long for the days when we can wear our sunglasses and statement jewellery again, and now you can! One thing that makes me feel really inspired everyday is having my accessories on display. I have hooks and hangers for my favourite jewellery and little ring pots, then I hang my sunglasses on the wall too, so you can feel inspiration when you see them. I always feel a little disheartened in the winter months as jewellery is one thing I love to wear, so putting it in eye view everyday really cheers me up!  

Change Your Make-Up

Much like rotating your wardrobe, it's important to change up your make-up to match. Winter means a lot of darker eye colours, heavier and bolder lipsticks and more of a thicker foundation, but when the spring hits, you want to think about coral and blush tone lip glosses and a lighter, less intense eye shade. It really matches your new wardrobe theme and it keeps things lighter on your skin for when it heats up.  

- With these 5 tips for getting your wardrobe spring ready, you will definitely be ahead of others!

Written by,

Lorna Burford of Raindrops Of Sapphire 


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Blog post written by Lorna Burford

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