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DIY Sleeveless Blazer

Posted by The Green Scene fashion blogger

16th Mar 2016

It's official - sleeveless blazers are everywhere this season! They're the perfect transitional piece to take you from cold, dark days of winter into the decidedly more fashion-friendly spring, layered with either a cosy jumper and pencil skirt or a silk shirt and jeans. This is one of the quickest and easiest DIYs to turn a sad old blazer into the latest SS16 trend - and all you need is a spare hour with a needle and thread. Check out what's on offer in the Oxfam online shop, including this amazing M&S jacket, or read on for the tutorial.


You will need:

An old blazer or jacket

Small scissors or an unpicker

An iron


Needle and thread

1. The first step is to take off the sleeves from your existing blazer or jacket. Simply find the seam where the sleeve is attached to the main part and unpick the stitches, either with a small pair of scissors or an unpicker, if you have one. If your jacket has shoulder pads, remember to remove them too, unless you're a big fan of the 80s look!


2. You should now have both sleeves separated from the main jacket. You won't need these any more, but it's a good amount of fabric which you could keep for future sewing projects. It's a good idea to keep a little box of fabric scraps handy if you ever need similar material again.


3. The next step is to fold over the raw edge of the sleeve hole and pin it to the jacket lining. Sew small stitches around the edge, making sure not to push the needle all the way through to the other side. This means you will have a hem that keeps the edges from fraying, but will be invisible from the other side of the fabric. Iron your new hem on both sides.


4. There you have it - your new sleeveless blazer all ready for the new season! Keep it tonal with similar colours for a minimal, sophisticated look, or contrast with a bright top underneath for a colour pop. What do you think? What else would work well with your new sleeveless blazer?

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