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How To: Lace Insert Split Tee

Posted by Natalie Tsoh Oxfam Fashion blogger

11th Mar 2016

I've loved the split tee trend for a while now but wanted to add my own twist by adding some lace inserts but I wanted to add them at an irregular length. This is a very simple project that took next to no time to complete.

You will need:

Plain tee


Measuring tape


Sewing machine/hand sewing instruments


Step One:

Find some lace that you want to sue. I took the lace of a jumper that I didn't wear anymore using a sewing pick.


Step Two:

Measure how far up you want the split and mark on the tee. Then measure how wide you want the split to be on both sides, from the seam. Cut this triangle out.


Step Three:

Fold the triangle inwards and pin. Sew to make a cleaner finish. Pin lace on the inside and sew again, making sure to cut off any excess lace.


Voila, and you're complete. This is great to spruce up or up-cycle any old clothes. Make sure you check out the Oxfam shop or any plain tee's you could revamp.


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Blog post written by Natalie Tsoh

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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