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Cydney Helsdown: What's in your wardrobe?

26th Apr 2016

This blog has been written by our Guest Blogger, Cydney Helsdown.

I've wanted to do a fashion post for a while now and so was really excited when Oxfam Fashion got in touch via twitter. I'm a charity shop enthusiast and am really happy to be sharing my experience and favourite finds with you!

As a new mum, I became really lazy and comfortable with what I wore. It's easy to get into that habit, as well as the fear of wearing anything nice getting ruined with sticky fingers and explosions (fellow mums, you know what I mean), but I'm finally edging away from frumpy mum into 'cool' mum. 

I've been following more fashion bloggers and stylists to get some inspiration but of course being the charity shop lover I am, I'll create my own style with thrifted, up-cycled, recycled and ethical fashion items. In a world where fashion trends fade in and out over night, it's easy to slip into an unsustainable cycle of buying new garments all the time. They're never made to last and we wear them only once to be chucked out and replaced with brand new things. In the words of Coco Chanel I believe that 'fashion fades and style remains the same', so I want to create my own style that's timeless, but if you're like me, it takes a long time to figure out your personal style. Believe me I've been through many outfit disasters (probably still do most days) but I'm getting there. I love that by shopping at charity shops, occasionally online and hardly ever on the high street, collecting and curating a wardrobe is more of a journey for me (*or I'm just a tight over-thinker who values food more than clothes, ahem*). 

Having recently thinned my wardrobe, and by that I mean I have pretty much thrown everything out bar my essential items, I'm ready to start creating a customised, cool, quirky wardrobe that has Cydney written all over it.... not literally. That being said, there have been a few charity shop purchases old and new that survived the dreaded spring clean which I'm going to share with ya'll! Some styled, some flat-laid, because my better half only has so much patience as my photographer (as in none at all). Please excuse awkward poses, I'll get used to this I promise. 

I recently featured this coat on my Instagram, my mum and I were snooping around the local charity shops (our favourite weekend activity) and it was love at first sight, it had to be mine! What do you guys think? I also might add that this grey wool jumper is also a charity shop bargain. I've accidentally shrunk it in the wash but hey I'll still try and pull it off! I always find essential items like this which are great to have in my drawers.

We were a right pair this day with our raincoats, another love at first sight bargain. I searched high and low for a yellow raincoat in my size years ago, but then saw this in an Oxfam shop in Cardigan, Wales. It comes with a matching hat (how cute) and Corben is finally big enough for it to fit nicely. Plus you can never be too prepared with these April showers.

I've also done a bit of rummaging around my drawers and have pulled out my favourite thrifted fashion items. 

These jeans which i absolutely LOVE were about £3 from a charity shop. They fitted perfect shortly after I had Corben, even now that I've lost the post baby weight, they still fit with a small belt. I just love the 80's style high-waisted mum look, because let's face it, high-waisted jeans go with everything!


We've got a couple of spring themed beauties. This cardigan is originally from Boden and is really cute with any pastel coloured top and jeans. The shirt on the right (excuse the creases) is silk from M&S, how FANCY right?! Pretty sure they were both around the £3 mark too. I love wearing the shirt with my high-waisted black jeans, some rose gold lipstick and sparkly eyeshadow. I've also layered it with above grey wool jumper and it looks fab!

Out of all the picks in this post these two above are my ALL TIME favourites. that paisley top is also silk. I haven't had a chance to wear it yet as it doesn't really suit a cardigan and hasn't been warm enough. The paisley dress on the right is from Mint Velvet originally, again so fancy! I'm always finding bargains like this, again these were under £5 each.

Lastly, I'm feeling a bit summery here. These two pants are so loose and comfortable, they're huge sizes but I simply tie a belt round my waist and it creates a pleated/ruffled look. Tuck a cami top in and I'm good to GO.

I could honestly go on and on with the amount I've thrifted but these really are just a handful of my favourites. If you've liked this round up then why not take a look at Oxfam's Online store, where you can shop vintage and unique items? You do have to be patient when you're sifting through the rails in charity shops so I think the online store is such a great alternative.

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