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Shoe Makeover: Gold Brogues

Posted by Cassiefairy Oxfam Fashion blogger

7th Jun 2016

Have you got a favourite pair of shoes that are terribly scuffed but that you just can't part with because they are SO comfy? Or perhaps you've picked up a fabulous second-hand pair but you've noticed a mark that just won't clean off? Or maybe you just want to jazz up your shoe collection with some glitzy metallic colours? Whatever the reason, I'm here to show you how to give your shoes a DIY makeover using fabric spray paint.

The paint I used for this project is from Rust-Oleum, and it's specifically for use on fabrics and leather. This paint comes in silver, gold and black and can be used to make over bags, shoes and other accessories. Before setting to work on painting my old brogues, I tested the paint on a part of the shoes that wouldn't be noticeable if it didn't work. Luckily the paint adhered to the leather without any problems so here's how I transformed my scuffed old dancing shoes into something a bit more sparkly.

1. Thoroughly clean your shoes with soap and water - you don't want to spray them all over and then discover a chunk of mud that flakes off and leaves you with a bare unpainted patch!

2. Make sure that your shoes are completely dry before proceeding and prepare a safe area to spray paint them - preferably outdoors, with cardboard or newspaper underneath.

3. Follow the directions on the can of spray paint and shake it vigorously to mix the paint before you start to spray to minimise spattering.

4. Give your shoes a fine coat of spray paint all over and allow to dry.

5. It's better to spray 3 or more fine coats of paint than 1 thick coat, so continue to add layers of paint until all the original colour is covered.

6. If you want to use a contrasting colour to pick out elements of the shoes, use a piece of paper to mask off the area you want to spray.

7. Fix the paper in place and carefully spray paint with the contrasting colour and allow to dry before adding another coat if needed.

8. Add some brand new laces to match the contrasting colours and you're done!

Congratulations, you've saved your old stained and scuffed shoes from the bin and have a brand new pair of pumps that no one else has. And when asked 'where did you get your shoes?' be sure to boast that you DIYed them yourself!

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Blog post written by Cassiefairy

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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