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#4oclockfind: 13th June

13th Jun 2016

As it's festival season, our mind has been on festival wardrobe. Our online shop has something for everyone, from grunge to floral. There's a perfect look for every festival! One style that we love is the boho look. It's a festival classic and a nod to one of the most iconic festivals ever - that's right, we're talking Woodstock. It's a style that's fun to accessorise with chunky bangles, big earrings and layered necklaces, and so easy to make unique! 

We've got you covered this week with some outfit staples from our #4oclockfind fashion sweep:


St Michael Black and Floral Print Maxi Skirt - £22.99

Maxi skirts are a classic boho look so if you're a fan of the style, you'll definitely want one in your wardrobe. Florals are a great way to show off that "flower power" vibe of the 70s and the lovely rustic colours of this skirt will get you through summer and into the warmer autumn months. A perfect and easy way to add some elegance to a festival look!


H&M Dark Green Fringed Vest - £6.99

Is there any trend that says boho like fringe? Maybe flared jeans so lucky for boho lovers, this vest top will look great with a pair! It's casual and summery with a stitched pattern on the front and back which livens up the green colour. The earthy tone is exactly right for the boho trend and the top would a be great as part of a festival look. 


Autograph tan suede fringed ankle boots - £24.99

We love these heeled suede ankle boots which are giving us serious boho vibes but with a little bit of modern edge. The thin heels and pointed toes are grounded in this century, but the fringed suede is definitely saluting that classic Woodstock style. 


Vintage Handcrafted Unbranded Dark Caramel Suede and Crochet Waistcoat - £29.99 

There's no better way to channel the 70s than with actual vintage. And the best way to rock a unique festival look is to opt for something handcrafted. This waistcoat has the best of both! We love the delicate crochet pattern. This waistcoat is an easy way to make a simple black tank top or crop top look instantly unique and boho-ready!


Mango Ivory Floral Design Crochet Shawl - £14.99

This gorgeous flowing, loose floral crochet shawl so perfectly encapsulates the boho spirit. If you're attending a gig later in the evening or spending the festival night with great company outdoors, this is a great way to stay in style but fight off the chill (let's face it, this is the British summer!) The shawl is intricate enough to throw over a low-effort, casual outfit of t-shirt and shorts for instant elegance. 


Vibrant Floral Pattern High-Waisted Cropped Festival Thai Pants - £9.99

Look, the 70s were not afraid of floral print pants, so neither are we! If your trousers aren't the first article of clothing you'd think to liven up with a daring print, change it up with these cropped Thai pants. The vibrant print makes a bold fashion statement. If skinny jeans have your heart, we totally understand. Rather than go down the bellbottoms route, try something totally new - a nod to the 70s but uniquely modern. Channel that flower power and turn a few heads…and look great doing it! 

Show us your wonderful purchases this week from our Oxfam Shops or Oxfam's Online Shop using #FoundinOxfam - see you next week!

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