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Latitude 2016 Music and Fashion Round-up

Posted by Lydia Harford Festival and Fashion Blogger

22nd Jul 2016

Latitude Festival took place this past weekend in the sunny fields of Suffolk. The site was picturesque with giant knitted flowers, fairy lights, forests and a lake complete with giant lily pads. The festival goers and their fashion, matched the quaint feel of the whole festival; there were lots of families with small children, groups of teenagers and chic couples. I was caught up in the throw away style people wore their floaty sundresses and how they made vintage sports brands like Nike and Ellesse look effortless. So, I picked out a few of my favourite outfits from the weekend to share with you.

Due to the good weather and prepared nature of Latitude festival goers, the outfits were a lot chicer than general festival fashion; people didn't need to wear wellies or worry about mud splashes. As such, many wore leather sandals, few layers and some even dared to wear white, as did the two women pictured above!!

One trend definitely prevalent at Latitude was pastel coloured hair, in all shades of the rainbow. Two of my favourites are pictured here; on the left shades of blue, turquoise and silver; on the right dark pink at the roots cascading down to silver at the bottom. These two women finished their particular looks off with a delicate pair of silver cat ears and a flower garland matching her pink hair. This look was seen across the festival, epitomised by Latitude goer and fabulous blogger Stephi LaReine's rainbow hair gracing the site. Check out her website ( for more Latitude insight and wonderful fashion pieces.

Finally, two gentlemen who had clearly planed their festival outfits to a T, turned up everyday to browse the Oxfam Fest Shop in different exquisite fancy dress. My favourite outfits they wore are pictured here; Aladdin and a sailor. The silk black trousers, worn by Aladdin on the left, were lightweight and sheer making them breathable despite their colour - perfect for the hot weather and very similar to many of our own hippy trousers selection. The sunglasses, worn by the sailor on the right, were aviator Ray Bans and were popular across the festival. While fancy dress was not exactly typical attire for the Latitude goers, we really admired the level of thought that went into these gentlemen's outfits.

The fashion across Latitude was sweet but also exciting; much like the festival itself, where you could be walking through the woods serenely admiring the stars and knitted flowers and suddenly happen across a woman sacrificing a computer as a piece of performance art. The standout performances for me were Grimes, Christine and the Queens and Joe Lysett. Grimes performed on the Friday in the BBC Radio 6 Music tent. I would describe her music as electronic pop; it has an exciting, new, intelligent feel to it. Her mixture of high energy beats and vocals juxtaposed her shy, sweet stage presence. She ran about the stage creating the instrumentals on her keyboard whilst jumping around, dancing and singing. Her music is incredible recorded but live, you really get the sense of how much creativity and energy she puts in. Christine and the Queens performed the same day, earlier in the evening. The newly-discovered Frenchwoman has a Florence and the Machine feel to her, due to her looks and dancing, but is completely fresh. Her gorgeous voice and interesting lyrics captivated the crowd; even when I didn't understand what she was singing about in French I was enchanted. It it not surprising her UK tour has already sold out in several cities after such an incredible Latitude performance. Finally, Joe Lysett was headlining the comedy tent on the Saturday and was hilarious! From his audience interaction and unscripted slipups to an email chain correspondence about a thieving fox and undercover detective, his delivery and storytelling ability had me in tears of laughter.

All in all, Latitude was a fantastic festival, full of a whole range of artistic performance and wonderful fashion!

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Blog post written by Lydia Harford

Festival and Fashion Blogger

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