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The lowdown on BoomTown

Posted by Beth Case Festival Blogger

18th Aug 2016

Where do I even start to describe the madness of BoomTown? Unless you've been there it's hard to imagine a festival like it. Unlike other festivals BoomTown transports you to another world filled with pirates, cowboys, gangsters and so many more as the festival encourages you to get involved with interactive street performers. A day could be filled with a trip to the Job centre to find a new career path or a visit to China town to visit the pharmacy, you might even go on a fox hunt along the way and finish of your day with a rave in the graveyard (I'm not making any of this up).

This was the festival shops second year attending BoomTown and this year we felt more prepared in sourcing the best stock to bring to the festival. Instead of our usual stock in the form of festival fashion and essentials, we gathered our most wacky and wonderful donations and sorted them into the different districts of the festival so that the festival punters could easily select an outfit for whatever district they wanted to be a part of (we even had a few performers visit the shop to source clothing for their costumes).

Even with all of the hilarious and innovative interactions you could have in each district of the festival there was also some amazing music. Headliners Madness pleased the crowds at the Lion's den with their hit packed set and the shop team took a trip to see 'Disney Rascal' who covered Disney songs with their own Ska music flair. Other highlights include the amazing closing performance at Banghai Palace that signalled the end of the revolution (this year's theme at BoomTown) and the overthrowing of the corrupt government.

It's safe to say that it will take some time to adjust to 'normal' festivals after attending BoomTown. There wasn't any part of the day where I wasn't running off to explore what the festival had to offer as each day something would change! A highlight for me was on the last night where the district of Mayfair (an affluent area home to shops and the 'Bank') was taken over by Gangsters who took control of one of the clubs which you had to answer a riddle to enter, you were then greeted with amazing jazz music to dance to and gambling tables to use your BoomTown cash on. We also visited the Job centre on the last day for their 'staff Christmas party' which was very bizarre to be a part of in the middle of summer.

We would like to thank all of the wonderful customers of BoomTown for their willingness to dress up in the weirdest thing they could get their hands on and for helping us to raise money for Oxfam in the process. Also a big thank you to our volunteers for making the shop run smoothly from start to finish, we are already planning our outfits for next year!

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Blog post written by Beth Case

Festival Blogger

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