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1970's Revival

Posted by Andrada Dolofan fashion blogger

4th Sep 2016

"There are no rules in the fashion game now!" announced Vogue in the early 1970s. The "Me" decade, as author Tom Wolfe called it, was one of the most complex periods in the fashion world. Women's emancipation and gay liberation, together with the economical crises and wars, broke all the rules regarding fashion.

1970's fashion has been frequently reinvented, especially for ready-to-wear collections, and it is back for  Autumn/Winter 2017 too. So now is the time to get ahead of the fashion set and hunt down A-line skirts, knitted tops, flares and folk-inspired dresses at Oxfam OnlineAt the beginning of the decade, midi skirts, and ankle-length maxi dresses were extremely popular for all the trendy women. Now they're a perfect choice for any vintage lover. Style them with boots and a faux fur coat for easy-to-wear style.

Can't wait to get started? Shop these stunning maxis here:

Left Dress: £29.99 here, Right Dress: £34.99 here

When we think about Seventies' style, what pops up in our head first is probably flared jeans and pants. They have been a trend in the last few seasons and even better; flatter any shape! Simply tuck in your shirt or keep your jacket cropped for maximum leg-lengthening potential!

Jacket: £45 here, Trousers: £17.99 here

Floral prints in Autumn? Fashion says YES! No matter if you wear full-on 70's bohemian flowers or take a more modern approach, by choosing abstract, embossed or embellished ones, floral prints should definitely be a part of your 70's wardrobe. And they are so easy to find at Oxfam - these are our favourites:

Left Dress: £65 here, Right Dress: £24.99 here

Don't think you need to spend lots of money to be on trend! Cheap chic was the key of the "Me" decade; new clothes were made from old, old and new were worn together and second-hand stores were extremely popular.

Even if you're not keen to wear a maxi dress like these; they're great fun for upcycling. It's so easy to shorten the hemline to turn them into a more wearable mini. You'll still get the 70's vibe but give it a more modern twist. Throw on a leather jacket and ankle boots and be ready to receive compliments on your upcycled look.

Dress: £32.99 here

Don't hesitate to wear some 70's pieces if you are attending any festival this summer, as you will definitely stand out from the crowd. This sweet little geometric shift would go down a storm either with Wellingtons or trainers and a faux fur gilet. For the true 70's finishing touch, add some fringes into your outfit, They are a 70s must-have and helps you recreate the relaxed air of the decade.

Top: £9.99 here, Dress: £19.99 here

Why not head over to Oxfam Online now and embrace the 70's revival?

Blog post written by Andrada Dolofan

fashion blogger

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