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Customising with Pom-Poms and Splits

Posted by Cassiefairy Oxfam Fashion blogger

7th Sep 2016

Adding your own personality to a cotton top is almost 'too easy' with this quick DIY project. Yes, there's really no excuse not to customise your clothing when you can buy easy-to-apply pom-pom trim and turn something basic into a show-stopper. In fact, it's such a quick project that it took me no longer than half an hour to complete, and I wore it out to dinner that same day. Now, that's quick!

This project works well when you use a non-stretch fabric, so keep an eye out for cotton or linen tops in fun patterns and bright colours next time you're at the charity shop or car boot sale. Adding splits is great way to make a top fit more comfortably if it's a little tight across the hips, as it give you a little extra space at the sides. Plus, side-splits are really on-trend at the moment too.

You will need: A non-stretch top, scissors, 1.5m of trim, matching thread, needle or sewing machine, pins.

1. Put on the top and decide where you would like the side splits to come up to. Mark it with a pin.

2. Fold the top in half down the centre and make sure that the top of the splits match on both sides.

3. Carefully unpick the seam up to this point.

4. Turn the raw edges of the split under and pin in place.

5. Stitch a hem along both sides of the split with matching thread. Repeat on the other side.

6. Cut the trim to the width of the front of the top, allowing a little extra ribbon at each end to turn under.

7. Fold the end of the trim end inwards and pin to the front edge of the top, starting at the split.

8. Pin the pom-pom trim all the way along the bottom edge and fold the end of the trim under again when you reach the split at the opposite side.

9. Stitch a straight line along the bottom edge to join the pom-pom trim to the top. Repeat on the back of the top.

Trims come in a variety of pom-pom sizes and in all colours of the rainbow so you can choose a coordinating colour for your top. Pom-pom trims can be picked up from the market or from a haberdashery shop, and if you're shopping online you can find similar trims on Etsy UK. This project would also work with a tassel trim or beaded trim, or you could simply add a colourful ribbon or length of ric rac to the edge of the top customise it.

Most importantly, you've now got a personalised top that no-one else has and that fits you perfectly, and all within the space of an hour - enjoy! 

Blog post written by Cassiefairy

Oxfam Fashion blogger

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