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Your Old Friend, The Glove

Posted by Hayley Stout fashion blogger

30th Sep 2016

Imagine walking down a large open marble staircase, which opens out onto a glistening dance floor. Your eyes are wide open, scanning the room excitedly; they catch the dazzling tableware beautifully cast in golds and silvers, inside the most delicate confectionaries and appetisers are on display. Everyone is dressed immaculately: the men in military uniforms adorned with elaborate medals and badges, the women in their finest frocks with meringue-like wisps of fabric flung over their hips and gathered at their shoulders.

You continue through the crowd when one of the young gentlemen takes your hand. The next thing you feel is the most beautiful, soft, gentle, skin you have ever felt pressed against your own. Perfectly interlocked between your fingers, it feels like a dream. Only you have been wearing them the whole time; your long, white, leather evening gloves. 

Vintage 1890s White Kid Leather Articulated Ball Gown Gloves - here

Nothing beats the feeling of wearing gloves; feeling elegant and sophisticated.

Scenes like this are a rarity, unless you happen to be of royal descent, but our fantasies are being fuelled by hit TV dramas such as 'Victoria' and 'Versailles' and fashion is being influenced by these historical fashion movements. With Vogue headlining one of this season's big trends as 'decorative arts', involving themes of opulent clothing with regal detailing, this fairy tale dream is coming back to life. 

Choose from our selection of genuine, articulated, kid leather gloves to bring to life your own fairytale fantasy, whilst giving your hands the love and care they deserve.

The next reinvention of glove wearing took place in the 1950s. This was a time of glamour. Everyone was dressing up and getting out after the emancipation from the war. This was largely influenced by Dior's 'New Look' launched in 1947, featuring large gowns paired with luxurious long gloves. This inspired women everywhere to embrace their freedom and express themselves, even inspiring the biggest Hollywood stars. One of the most famous 'gloved looks' was Marilyn Monroe's jewelled, long, pink gloves in 'Men prefer blondes' (1953). 

Vintage 1980s Long Silver Gloves with Floral Adornment - here

Here at Oxfam we have some of the most fabulous gloves perfect for your next black tie dinner or those of you beginning to think about prom.

It's not all about black tie dinners and fancy functions though, gloves can be worn anywhere for any occasion, despite the only gloved hands you'll find day to day being a green grocer, doctor or law enforcer. In the 1960s, gloves were popularised for everyday wear. With the likes of Audrey Hepburn pairing a structured coat with a shorter glove for everyday outings. Here she is seen in the film 'Charade' in 1962 showing how it's done.

Vintage 1960s White Hand Embroidered Gloves - here

The colours and textures of gloves were changing too, with lace and ruched chiffons making an appearance in bright warm tones to suit every outfit.

I have hand-picked a range of beautiful short textured gloves in a spectrum of colours:

Vintage 1950s Lace Gloves with Scalloped Trim - here

Vintage 1960s Violet Ruched Gloves - here

Vintage 1960s Prove Copper Coloured Gloves - here

Everywhere today you will find un-dressed hands, busying about: grasping, greeting, shaking and holding. All actions that we simply forget, however they hold a considerate amount of importance: building relationships, sealing a deal and bidding farewell. So why don't we give them the attention they deserve? Gloves are on trend, practical and suited to every occasion, so bring these gloves back into the limelight and feel like you've just walked off a Hollywood movie set! 

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Blog post written by Hayley Stout

fashion blogger

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