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Blog With Us At Oxfam Fashion

Posted by Claire Whittaker fashion blogger

9th Jan 2017

Write for Oxfam Fashion

Here at Oxfam Fashion we're on the lookout for new bloggers with a passion for sustainable fashion to join our team. We're so proud of the articles our bloggers have produced over the years and are excited to get more people involved in our mission to promote ethical and charitable fashion. Whether you are a creative upcycler or a style guru or just want some writing experience we want to hear from you so get in touch by sending an e-mail to and let us know what sort of thing you would be interested in contributing.

Fashion Blogger Style #foundinoxfam

Who can write for Oxfam Fashion?

Anyone can! We have no restrictions on age or gender and welcome anyone interested to share their voice with us. You will need to send us an example of what you would like to write (250 words max) so we can make sure you will fit in with the values that we at Oxfam Fashion promote.  Send this example, some photos that fit with it and any links to blogs you already have to

What do you get as an Oxfam Blogger?

Although all our bloggers are volunteers and don't get paid for the articles they write, we give all contributors an author profile where your posts are collected together and you have a chance to share any other blogs or social media platforms you contribute to. All of our articles get shared on our Oxfam Fashion Twitter profile which has a following of over 11,000. We love to celebrate in the success our bloggers achieve and were delighted for our regular blogger Cassiefairy when she was awarded the title of 'Most Innovative Blog' of the year in 2016 for her personal blog. For your profile we need a picture and short bio. If you're camera shy you could use an image from one of your articles as a profile picture if you prefer.

What can you write about?  

We have a wide range of topics covered on our blog, from shopping and decluttering tips to style advice for both men's and women's fashions. If you've got a creative flair we love receiving advice and instructions for DIY clothes and jewellery as well as tips for upcycling clothes to give them that extra bit of flair, to help them fit better or just to give them a bit of TLC. Obviously we love to promote the amazing clothes that get sold in our shops so you can always just keep it simple and show off your favourite new finds from your local shop or showcase a collection of clothes you've found on our Online Shop.  

What our bloggers do

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