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DIY Mend With Me: Sew Up Ripped Seams

Posted by Claire Whittaker fashion blogger

24th Jan 2017

Sew Up Seams

As a volunteer in Oxfam Broad Street, one of my favourite tasks is to give some TLC to items that are damaged or worn to give them a new lease of life and get them out on the shop floor. If you're a super sewer then your local Oxfam is sure to welcome your help even if you can't volunteer really regularly. Just pop by your local shop and have a chat with the manager about what time you can give. However, if you need a bit more help with your clothing repairs then you've come to the right place as in this article I'm going to show you some easy tips and tricks to do a simple seam repair to a dress from the Broad Street Shop.

The Finished Dress

The first dress is this striking cut-out black dress, perfect for the party season. Unfortunately the back seam had come unpicked leaving a hole which I wanted to get sewn up as quickly as possible so this can go to a loving new home. The first step I took was to secure the loose thread so that the remaining stitches wouldn't unravel any further. To do this I carefully unpicked a little way further up the seam, making sure not the break the thread, so I had a longer piece to work with on each side. I double knotted the thread tightly and tucked the loose ends inside the dress so they don't stick out.

The ripped seam

I then turned the dress inside out to look at the finishing. As the edges of the fabric have been secured with an interlocking stitch, rather than having been folded into a hem, I didn't need to do anything to stop the material fraying. This meant I could just sew the gap up without worrying about hemming it. 

Turning the dress inside out

I chose to use a sewing machine to sew over the gap to make sure the stitching is really tight and won't come undone. I threaded up in black and sewed back and forth to lock in the thread to the fabric, sewed over the gap and cast off. However, if you don't have a sewing machine you can just use a very small running stitch over the gap. To keep it extra secure once you've closed the gap you can then double back over where you sewed, using the same needle holes but looping the thread to the opposite side from before.

Using a sewing machine to fix the rip

Once you've cast off your seem is back in tip top shape again and ready to be worn.  

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