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Charity Fashion Live – What’s It All About?

Posted by Georgina Rawes fashion blogger

17th Feb 2017

Charity Fashion Live 2017

Oxfam Blogger, Georgina Rawes tells us why she will be tuning into Charity Fashion Live this Saturday

London Fashion Week kicks off this Friday. Fashionistas and celebrities will flock to the FROW to see which trends will be sweeping the catwalk.

However, not all of us will be able to afford the clothing on show at LFW. That shouldn't stop us from thinking that we can't imitate the styles. Fashion stylist Emma Edmondson, launched slow fashion initiative, Charity Fashion Live last year, to show how easy it can be.

This Saturday, she will be putting her experience as a stylist to use again, recreating looks from London Fashion Week, as it happens. This year Emma and her team will be based at a Barnardo's charity shop, using whatever clothing and accessories happen to be there, to copy key looks from the catwalk.

People can tune into the live stream this Saturday on social media, showing that everything has been put together on the spot. 

Charity Fashion Live 2017

Why is this important?

The point is to show that pre-loved clothing can be fun, fashionable and on-trend.

Clothing should be long-lasting and treasured, not thrown away after one occasion. The production of fast and cheap fashion is putting a worrying strain on the environment. The Fashion Industry is now the second biggest polluter in the world, only second to the oil industry.

#CFL is a light-hearted way to get us thinking about the benefits of slow fashion. Shopping in charity shops is a great way to support positive causes, spend a little less and recycle and reuse clothing rather than chucking it away.

Find out more about Charity Fashion Live & tune in this Saturday.

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