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Fashion Fighting Poverty at London Fashion Week 2017

Posted by Claire Whittaker fashion blogger

17th Feb 2017

Fashion Fighting Poverty Catwalk Show

Last night for the opening of London Fashion Week a star studded crowd flocked to see what looks stylist Bay Garnett had pulled together from Oxfam's donated clothes. Oxo Tower provided a striking venue with its stripped graffitied walls, chipped iron beams and uncovered light bulbs becoming the backdrop to the Fashion Fighting Poverty catwalk. I was lucky enough to be in the audience on behalf of the fashion blog to give me a chance to share my favourite looks from the night with you all. 

The show opened with the cheerful beats of The Cure's 'Friday I'm In Love' and Stella Tennant strode out in an oversized suit setting the tone for the night as one of celebration of preloved ethical fashion. Throughout the show Bay embraced this sort of androgynous style breaking down the boundaries of gender in fashion. The catwalk never limited itself to one style, touching on Eighties and Bohemian-Chic, with everything from evening dresses to more everyday tops and jeans. The last three models held an ethereal haunting beauty in white dresses from Oxfam's wedding collection. Despite the delicacy of their dresses the style was as powerful as the suits from the opening. Bay has proven without doubt that the versatility of preloved fashion can make a statement in the high fashion world. 

This metallic teal dress features a dipped hem layered over a mini skirt that is right on trend for the Spring/Summer style of 2017. This dress was a definite favourite of mine due to its eye-catching design and the pop of colour it brought into the catwalk. 

The combination of this unique hand-crocheted vest top with a patchwork maxi skirt brought a twist of bohemian chic to the show. 

Vogue's Spring/Summer Trends for 2017 declared that Eighties fashion is back in business! Catwalks have once again been embracing the oversized silhouettes, puffed sleeves and metallic fabrics that were distinctive of the decade. Garnett has fully committed to this trend with this look, right down to the crimped hair and oversized earrings. Shopping preloved gives you a chance to find genuine vintage pieces that will help you go big so you don't have to go home! (Image by Karen Murphy) 

This look embodied the androgynous tom-boy style that Garnett weaved in throughout the show. A simple shirt and black trousers were topped with a statement military jacket featuring bold gold toned buttons and an embellished sleeve. 

This evening look proves that preloved fashion can defiantly handle glamour. Irregular hemlines are reportedly going to once again be a staple in 2017 with designers such as Simone Rocha taking full advantage of them in their Spring/Summer collections. Bay's black and metallic look shows how you can still stay on trend when buying second hand. 

The must have bag for the season, the Oxfam shopping bag! This outfit left a lasting impression on many of the crowd as its quirky combination of a two piece tartan suit and over the knee sports socks echoed the iconic style worn by Alicia Silverstone in the '90s classic rom-com Clueless. (Image by Sinbad Phgura) 

The multi-puffed sleeves on this vintage wedding dress bring an ethereal beauty to this look. This dress features a delicate lace waist-band that would make it perfect for any bride wanting a unique look on their wedding day. 

The look that stole the show for me was ultimately Erin O'Connor in this stunning wedding gown. Wrapped around with a subtle layer of pale pink chiffon and featuring a full skirt and train you could just as easily imagine this piece gracing a red carpet as you could an aisle. This will definitely make a fabulous statement wedding dress for some lucky bride. 

The audience, including fashion journalist Hilary Alexander, take in the unique styles Bay has created. 

Stella Tennant, Erin O'Connor, Bella Freud and Iris Palmer hang out backstage before modelling in the show. (Image by Bay Garnett)

Every item of clothing that is sold in our shops raises money for Oxfam to continue doing it's vital and amazing work around the world. Oxfam is currently raising money for victims of humanitarian crises all over the world including those in Yemen, Iraq and Syria. The sale of a £10 dress is enough to cover the costs of clean, safe drinking water for 10 people during an emergency or to buy a mosquito net to protect from the risk of a malaria so you know what you buy can really make a difference. 

Join in the buzz and view our Fashion Fighting Poverty twitter moment or join the conversation tweet @OxfamFashion or use the hashtag #FoundInOxfam to show off your own Oxfam finds. 

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Blog post written by Claire Whittaker

fashion blogger

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