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Clear Your Clutter Day 2017

10th Mar 2017

On Saturday March 11th, Jasmine Birtles, consumer champion and founder of, is running the second National Clear Your Clutter day, encouraging and helping people all over the UK to de-clutter their homes and lives. See more details at where readers can also get a free eBook "Transform Your Life by Clearing Your Clutter" Here Jasmine explains her thinking behind setting up this national day and why Oxfam is involved.

"I set up the National Clear Your Clutter Day in order to help the UK free itself of the imprisoning, burdensome and money-sucking clutter that holds so many of us back nowadays.

People in the UK know that they live in an age of consumerism, but do they realise what these consumerist habits are doing to their happiness their freedom and their wealth? Only slightly.

My aim is to help everyone to have more freedom, more happiness, more money and more life this way.

My aim is also to encourage people to use their clutter for good! To unburden themselves of the stuff around them and turn it into money for great causes at home and abroad."

De-clutter, help the world!

"As a financial journalist I am naturally coming at this from a money point of view. I'm encouraging people to make and save money by de-cluttering, and also to do good at no cost to themselves by taking some of this clutter to their local charity shop.

Different organisations regularly come up with with a figure for the value of the clutter in our homes. It's usually thousands of pounds per household, and eBay said last year that we have £7.5 billion-worth of junk in homes across the country.

Can you imagine how much good this could do for the world if it were sold for charity rather than gathering dust in a cluttered shelf or, worse, adding to the landfill problem across the world?

If you're feeling overwhelmed by your clutter and don't know where to start, sign-up to my 14 Day De-cluttering Challenge - these helpful emails will get you up and running in no time!"

Making it easier

In the Clear Your Clutter campaign we are setting goals for people to get rid of as much clutter as they can in one day - Saturday 11th March - and see how much money they can make for themselves and for charities in the process.

We will also have lots of useful videos from our de-cluttering experts giving us brilliant tips such as; The true impact of your kind charity donations, How to Clear Your Financial Clutter, How to sell your clutter for a profit, The easiest ways to donate to charity, The physical and mental benefits of decluttering, The Four Box Rule, How to declutter your garage and your loft, Clever storage solutions to help you save money and much more.

We will also be running a Live Twitter Q&A surgery on Saturday 11th March at 1pm, follow @ClearClutterDay to join in #ClearYourClutter. We will be giving our followers help on how to dispose of their bits and pieces, ways to sell, upcycle and generally clear clutter in homes across the country.

Added to that we will also be spearheading a drive to get more items to charities, rather than the local dump.

In this we are partnering with Gone for Good which is a social enterprise set up to both support retail charities and to encourage people to donate unwanted goods to charity and so avoid sending them to landfill.

We are also partnering with Oxfam to encourage people to take as much 'clutter' as possible to their local charity shop - and that's likely to be an Oxfam! The idea is that unwanted shoes, clothes, bric a brac, books and jewellery will help pay for projects around the world to tackle the causes of poverty and to create societies where empowered people can thrive. Just £1 raised from a donated item can pay for clean, safe water for 1 person.

We want as many people as possible in this country to take part in the day so that we can make our possessions do good instead of burdening us.

Put the word about - Clear Your Clutter for charity on Saturday March 11th!

Join our Live Q&A Twitter Surgery at 1pm on Saturday March 11th where we will be discussing ways to sell, upcycle and generally clear clutter in homes across the country. Find out more at ClearYourClutterDay, on Twitter @ClearClutterDay use hashtag #ClearYourClutter and on Facebook - National Clear Your Clutter Day   

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