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My Favourite Vintage Finds from ReFashion: Oxford’s Sustainable Fashion Event for 2017

Posted by Claire Whittaker fashion blogger

14th Mar 2017

ReFashion: Oxford's Sustainable Fashion Event

ReFashion took place on Saturday in Oxford Town Hall, an event dedicated to encouraging people to reuse and upcycle their clothes for a more sustainable way of life. Oxfam Broad Street were lucky enough to be invited to take part in the event and as I am a long time shop volunteer I headed down to help on the stall. When we arrived, we discovered we were even luckier as we had the best position in the whole venue - we were right next to the cake sale! Yum! After setting up the stand and munching my way through a slice of vegan chocolate and raspberry cake I looked around at the other stalls.    

The venue had an amazing atmosphere being full of ethical pioneers and independent business women selling their own crafts. Some of my favourite crafts included notebooks with old Monopoly and Cluedo cards as covers and some reusable fabric sandwich bags made by a woman wearing the most fantastic dungarees I've ever seen made from an old bedspread. A large corner of the venue held a clothes swap and there was a catwalk where primary schools, design colleges and independent designers showed their upcycled clothing throughout the day. 

Our stall had a flow of customers with our first sale happening within five minutes of the event opening. We had lots of people coming over to the stand to admire the amazing picks that our manager Dage had selected from the shop's donations. I have picked out a few of my favourites from our stand to share with you all. It was a tricky decision to choose what pieces to feature as there were so many unique and beautiful items on our stall, all selling to help fight poverty. My ultimate favourite piece was a pale blue boned and petticoated ballgown featuring blue and yellow flowers which I was incredibly tempted to buy just for the purpose of putting on in my bedroom and spinning around in it screaming "I'm a princess!" like a 3-year-old.  However, I decided it was far too nice to be hidden away in my wardrobe and I hope it will have found a worthy home where a genuine Cinderella can wear it to their ball!

Three of our favourite accessories, gloves, jewllery and bags

Three of our favourite dresses and gowns

Three of our favourite tops, waistcoats, cardigans and jackets

Three of our favourite skirts

Photos of Oxford Town Hall and our stall on the day of ReFashion
We feel that the day was a success and hope that those of you who attended will agree. Oxfam was honoured to share our passion for sustainable fashion with a such an amazing group of like-minded people and hope to see you all again next year!

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