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In Conversation with Hannah Elliman one of the stars of the #foundinoxfam campaign

Posted by Claire Whittaker fashion blogger, Hannah Elliman fashion blogger

19th Apr 2017

Hannah is #foundinoxfam

For those of you who are familiar with either the Oxfam Fashion Blog or the Oxfam Fashion Twitter walking into an Oxfam shop for the next two weeks might get a sense of déjà vu as you spot a recognisable face in the window. That face would of course be the lovely Hannah Elliman, Oxfam Fashion Blogger extraordinaire, known to the blogging world as Paloma in Disguise. Today I'm catching up with her to find out all about love of pre-loved blogging and she shares her £30 Spring haul with us.

Hannah's Campaign Image

Hi, Hannah. Thanks for chatting with me today. Let's start this off by going back to the beginning of your preloved journey, what got you into buying and blogging about preloved clothing?

I began buying preloved when I was at school. I was on a budget and it was my way of getting in on a trend for less. I continued to shop all things second hand throughout university and as I began working because I found them more inspiring than the high-street. It wasn't until I started blogging that I realised the majority of my clothes came from charity shops such as Oxfam.

What is your favourite thing about buying preloved?

I love that you can go into a charity shop and find something that is completely unique. It can be something that you didn't know you needed but it ends up being your most worn item in your wardrobe. You also get the odd occasion where it will be as though someone your age/size/style has dropped off their entire wardrobe and you end up finding exactly what you have been searching for. I really love the possibilities that come with charity shopping. Walking in and never knowing what you're going to find, picking up pieces and thinking how they are going to go together or finding that items, that with a little fashion DIY, can bring something old and unloved back to life. 

Do you have a favourite look that you've found in Oxfam?

One of my favourite Oxfam purchases is a long, pink, paisley shirt which I shared on my blog here. I bought it a few years ago and it's still the thing I turn to when I'm having one of those 'I have nothing to wear days'. With it, many looks can be created. I have worn it belted as a dress with high-boots and dressed down with trainers and jeans. 

Paisley pink shirt

You have your own blog, Paloma in Disguise; I'd love to know what inspired you to start it? And also what inspired the name?

I was reading lots and lots of fashion blogs and decided I wanted to get in on the writing/photography action. I began writing about and photographing my daily outfits (many of them featuring charity shop items). 

In the past people had said that I had similar mannerism to Paloma Faith (i.e. I laugh a lot!) I am also a big fan of hers so that's where the 'Paloma' aspect comes from. The 'in Disguise' part of the name came from me initially being nervous about putting my face on the internet. I wanted to use the charity shop clothes I wore as a 'Disguise' which would give me the confidence to continue writing about the things I love. 

What would be your top tip for someone looking to start their own blog?

Go for it! Start writing, photographing and posting. It's so nice having a little corner to the internet to share that thing you feel passionate about. Write for you and enjoy it. 

You've done all sorts of blog posts for us on the fashion blog, from DIY to style advice, what would you say is your favourite post?

I really enjoy completing fashion DIY posts for Oxfam. In the summer of 2015 I blogged about how to turn a regular shirt into an off-the-shoulder, Bardot style top. This is my favourite post. I had a great time making it and I still wear it now with a little bit of denim and my old converse. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading our chat today. If you did please check out Hannah's fab 'Haulternative' where she shares what she found in an Oxfam shop for just £30!

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Blog post written by Claire Whittaker

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Blog post written by Hannah Elliman

fashion blogger

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