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Pick n’ Mix Outfits #foundinoxfam – Tips to Wear Your Oxfam Finds Again and Again

Posted by Claire Whittaker fashion blogger

18th Apr 2017

Pick And Mix Style How to Mix and Match your Oxfam Finds

Having been a volunteer in Oxfam Broad Street since I was 13, I've collected a fair few Oxfam items in my wardrobe. In fact, the other day I put together this outfit and realised that I was head to toe in Oxfam finds! The total look including the belt and shoes cost me just less than £35 which is a total bargain! However, to Oxfam that money is worth a lot. With £35 Oxfam could provide 5 mosquito nets to protect families from the risk of malaria or provide clean drinking water for 35 people in an emergency which is a pretty amazing impact for an outfit to have if you ask me.

My FoundInOxfam look for £35

As the sun's cheeky game of peekaboo through the clouds announces that we are starting the trip into the Spring Summer season I decided challenge myself to create six outfits each staring one of the Oxfam finds featured in this photo. I wanted to prove that you can wear your Oxfam finds again and again without feeling that you just keep repeating the same outfits. I even got over my hatred of having my photo taken so I could share the looks with you all!

The Oxfam Shirt

Shirts are a great option when it's not quite warm enough for a jacket but too cold for anything else. Layer them up, knot them, tuck them, there are so many ways to wear it to make the same piece look completely different. I love this shirt as it has a denimy type look to the grain of the fabric but is much softer and more comfortable to wear.

Two Spring Summer looks with my Oxfam shirt

Outfit 1: I upcycled this skirt from a vintage Laura Ashley piece that my Mum had at my age. I absolutely love the shape of it and the floral fabric is perfect for spring. I had avoided putting these two pieces together as I felt they actually toned a little too well and would sort of merge into each other, however, my top tip for when things are too matchy-matchy is to add a statement belt to break it up. This yellow belt I found at a jumble sale was perfect to do the job as it added a pop of colour to draw shape to the waist and bring out those yellow flowers in the skirt.

Outfit 2: Crop tops and maxi skirts are my high-summer uniform as the loose flowing fabric keeps you feeling cool without the risk of getting sun-burnt lobster legs. Although it's a little cool for this still (as the bottom of my tummy reminded me as I went outside to take the photo) it's one I will definitely use once the sun starts to really get going!

The Oxfam Skirt

I love this skirt. It's vintage St Michael's M&S and has a bit of a pin-up style wiggle skirt look to it. The bold floral print popping off the navy background means that it is fully adaptable from any time of year. Just style it up with different belts, tops and tights and you're ready to go.

Two Spring Summer looks with my Oxfam skirt

Outfit 3: The perfect smart-casual balance for days when I'm bouncing between work and meeting friends. The cropped cardigan is a great one for when the weather is too warm for jumpers but not quite yet t-shirt kinda warm. 

Outfit 4: This blouse was an impulse click-onto-ebay-50-seconds-before-bidding-ended buy which is a dangerous game to play! Fortunately, in this case it paid off and although the shirt was smarter than I wanted the pale pink pinstriped look is perfect for the summer trends of 2017.


The Oxfam Top

I love polka-dots. To the point where my friends will physically remove me from shops when they hear my "ohhh" of polka-dotty delight as I spot something spotty!

Two Spring Summer looks with my Oxfam top

Outfit 5: Dialled up! Double up your polka-dots! This skirt is another home-made creation and is 100% one of my favourite items of clothing. Red polka-dots, what's not to love!?

Outfit 6: Dialled down. I couldn't do a mix and match without including a bit of denim in there somewhere. Denim is the universal remote of the clothing world. If you only had 30seconds to get dressed and leave the house in the dark without a mirror denim is the friend you can rely on to keep you safe from outfit disasters. All hail denim!

So, there you have it, 1 outfit recycled to create 6 Spring/Summer looks. Let me know which your favourite is in the comments or if you have an Oxfam find you'd love to show off use #foundinoxfam on Instagram or Twitter to share it. I can't wait to see everyone else finds!

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