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DIY Slogan T-shirt - The Perfect No Sew Way To Make Something Unique!

Posted by Hannah Elliman fashion blogger

9th Jun 2017

How to Create a Slogan Top

I'm always on the look out for ways to re-create the clothes displayed so beautifully in the fashion magazines using a little charity shop fashion DIY. Lately I have been noticing that slogan t-shirt's are filling the glossy pages. I love the big ol' bold quotes on a colourful t-shirt. I love a small embroidered understated slogan in the corner. I love a funny or tongue in cheek slogan. After lusting over these t-shirts for a hell'uva long time, I thought it was about time I got cutting and ironing. The wonderful thing about creating your own slogan t-shirt is that you can choose your own slogan. You can be hilarious. You can be witty. You can be Political. I went with being a little French and choosing the slogan 'JE M'EN FOUS' which translates to 'I Do Not Care'. Or it does according to Google Translate which I blooming hope it right! I got this idea from another t-shirt. I thought it was a nicer way to remind myself to be a little carefree from time-to-time. And I decided to go with the French version because everything sounds better in French, right?

So, here it is. A little 'no sew' fashion DIY. 

Choosing your design


  • T-Shirt (Use a plain one you already have or hunt for one in your local Oxfam or on Oxfam's Online Shop)
  • Scissors
  • Iron on Letters (I used the ones from here)
  • Iron
  • Pins
  • Tape Measure


1. Start by cutting roughly around the letters needed for your slogan.


3. Lay the letters with the wrong side (white paper) facing up starting with the middle letter just below the pins and lay out to check how many lines you want the slogan to spread across.

Ironing the letters on

4. Once you are happy with the positioning of letters, remove all but the middle letter. With the wrong side (white side) still facing up. Follow the instructions supplied with the letters - I pressed the iron on the letter and held for 15-20 seconds.   

Carefully remove the backing paper. Check as you start peeling the backing paper off that the letter has transferred onto the t-shirt. If not, hold the iron on the letter for a little longer.

Add the remaining letters from the middle outwards.

The finished look

And that's it. An easy and quick way to adapt a plain charity shop t-shirt into something personal and unique! Let me know if you have a go at this fashion DIY as I would love to see your finished slogan t-shirt!  

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