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Exploring the My Oxfam app: One stop for shopping, donating and Gift Aid with Oxfam

Posted by Claire Whittaker fashion blogger

14th Jun 2017

Exploring the My Oxfam App

So I have to admit, I'm not a very techy person. An avid fan of the Nokia phone in all its indestructible glory I do what I need to do to manage blogging and then I'm out… However I have been feeling a little jealous that I wasn't able to try playing on the new 'My Oxfam' app that has been making such a splash in the technical world, so, when I finally took the technical plunge of investing in a tablet, this App was right at the top of my download list. 

My Oxfam is really easy to find, just type into Google Play or Apple Store and the familiar Oxfam logo will appear. I found the app really simple to get started with, even for a technophobe like me! You can sign into the app either by making a new account or (if you like the lazy option!) through your G+ or Facebook.

My Oxfam App Getting Started


The first thing you see is a newsfeed full of Oxfam programme stories which you can click on to get snapshots and video clips opening your eyes to completely different ways of life in all the places around the world that Oxfam's staff and volunteers are acting to help end poverty.

My Oxfam App Newsfeed


As a charity shopping fanatic the first thing I made a beeline for on the app was the online shop. You can bring up a side bar by clicking the three-line icon at the top left of the screen next to the app logo. This gives you loads of options to navigate around key Oxfam website content from within the app, including the Online Shop.

My Oxfam App OOS

I love the mobile design of the Online Shop and think I will now favour shopping through the app than on my laptop. It's so easy to click through to what you want. Me, I want dresses. This is definitely a want and not a need as my double wardrobe is chock-a-block already, but hey, money to charity right? Who could say no!?

 My Oxfam App OOS Filters

Once you're into the category you want to shop then you can click the big green 'Sort and filter' button that will let you narrow down that search. (Sometimes you have to wait an extra couple of moments for the button to appear, clearly the big green 'Sort and filter' button is not the morning sort, I can't blame it, nor am I!

My Oxfam App OOS Categories

What I like about the category selector is that it lets you filter out several different categories at once so you don't have to choose just one colour or price range or size but could, for example, select size 8 and 10 and Small and Medium dresses in Blue and Pink from the 1950s and 1990s between £2.50 to £20! If they have something you want, you're going to find it!


However, the app is of course not only about shopping and keeping up to date but also a great way to support Oxfam. The app team have created a really simple way to manage one-off and monthly donations with a wheel design that you can simply scroll to the amount you want and you will see exactly what your donation could do for someone on the receiving end of Oxfam's funding. Amazing! You can easily select to pay by either card or Paypal too so you can choose what suits you best.

My Oxfam Donation

After you have donated you get a lovely Thank You message and video and can see a wheel breaking down exactly where your money goes when you give to Oxfam. I love that you can feel such an instant connection with Oxfam's work when you donate. The thank you message also appears on your Newsfeed in amongst all the articles about Oxfam's work once the money has cleared letting you know your donation has been safely received and is being put to good use fighting poverty!

My Oxfam App Gift History

Track Gift Aid:

Another cool thing you can see is a record of, not just the donations you've made through the app, but a list of all the donations and shop payments by card that you've ever made. This even includes the amount you've donated by gift-aiding your donations as the money links through once the items you've given have sold.

If you want to give the app a go and find out how much you've given to Oxfam over the years then sign up today for free! Simple as that. 

Download My Oxfam From Apple StoreDownload My Oxfam From Google Play

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